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A Trip To Dreamland

Updated on January 12, 2018
Sanchaita profile image

Hi, I love to compose poems, articles & love to be engaged with my creative minds. Audience support and encouragement gives me motivation.

It was a cool icy night and I was busy having a romance with my blanket. The night sky was decking up with sparkling stars and the moon was smiling taking a big sigh of relief. On spur of a moment, the clock struck 2. I immediately jumped out of my bed, dressed up and packed my bag as fast as I could. My clock was already running late and I was late by 15mins. I ran down the stairs and was looking for someone to wish me 'All the best'. But there was no one to bid goodbye. I took the keys hanging at the door corner, pulled the door with all my strength and ran towards the garage. My car was waiting for me in the darkness. I got into the car, turned the key in the ignition and drove as fast as I could.

After a long drive of about 1hour through the darkness, I reached my destination. By parking my car on the roadside, I stepped on the red velvet carpet covered with hundreds of rose petals. In front of the gate, there were two guards who lead me to the stage. Yes, the stage of my dream. My dream that at last came true. My dream to become one of the famous personalities. My dream to become a singer.

The auditorium was full of praising audience and in the front row, there stood my family. As I entered the hall, I could hear the cheering scream that was echoing perpetually to my ears. Suddenly someone announced my name and asked me to come up on the stage. Handling my golden gown by my fingers-tip, I stepped upstairs to reach the platform. The person on the stage was waiting for me with a trophy in his hand. My each step towards the trophy was my each step towards my golden dream. After reaching the center of the stage, I turned towards the audience, and waved my hand. There was a huge round of standing applause when the person handed over to me the trophy. They asked me to say a few words about my journey of achievement. I stepped forward to the podium, looked at my trophy, looked down towards the audience and kept mute for a while. My eyes were full of water. This time the rolling tears were not signifying my losses but it was the witness to my achievement. I raised the trophy and dedicated it to my family and my well-wishers. Only four words came out of me, “It is only because of you!” I was so ecstatic that I couldn’t find a single word to say more than that. I ran down the stairs, thanked my parents for being there and supporting me. All the audience were looking at me with too many hopes in their glowing eyes. They congratulated me for my wonderful achievement and wished me for a better future. That night was the best night for me.

The next day, was the day for a new start. To start a new journey, a new life. The sun was peeping through the clouds. The birds were busy chirping sitting on the tree beside my window. The wind was blowing gently and my alarm clock was continuously asking me to wake up. But I was busy snoozing it for a while. Suddenly it was my mom screaming from downstairs, “Do you want to be late for the first day of your music class?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I opened my eyes and I found myself cuddling with my blanket. It made me confused and I murmured on my own, “How can this be possible? I left my blanket last night, I was at the podium, taking the trophy. Isn't it?” I stood in front of my mirror and stared at myself for a second. Then I realized it was the wonderful trip to my dreamland. I was dreaming my dream, and yet to achieve it. It was positively a new start of my life. A new phase that I had to step in and end up achieving all my dream.


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