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A Triple Dose Of Righteousness - Righteousness Not Sought, Try To Forget, and Speak Out - 3 Original Poems

Updated on June 19, 2013

Righteousness Not Sought by Christopher Dapo

You all pay to play to pay

Never for a better day

Fearing steering your lives in a better way

Avoiding yesterday and tomorrow for your day-to-day

Wasting your cares away

Just succumbing to thumbing for your two weeks pay

Like there's no tomorrow

Just today

Nowadays the fight for tomorrow is never fought

You live for yourselves unless you're bought

Allowing your misconceptions to run wrought

As your deceivers run your lives to rot

And in all this time

Even with a dime

That I want not

Still today


Nay even forever it seems

Our righteousness is not sought.

Should you look for us now?

Or wait until we're forgot?

By Christopher Dapo

Try To Forget by S.

With all this senselessness

It's hard to salvage any innocence

But why should you care less?

You have your own problems I guess

I can only guess why you turn away

Why everyone else's misery and misfortune becomes your sunny day

I hope you'll see what you've done

Before this ever omnipresent darkness blots out the sun

If life has become a battlefield then who has won?

It's a game we're playing

And a high price we're paying

And the resulting damage has only begun

Will you think twice

Before you roll the dice?

We're all on thin ice

So don't you dare run

This world's going down the toilet

But you don't give a sh*t

I know you've worked hard

So buy a brand new car

And try to forget.

By S.

Speak Out by S.

Corruption is what they call it

All our rights get violated

While persons on high line their wallet

All our jobs are overseas

Making of us an impoverished country

The poor are considered an impediment

By those who don't have to worry

If they can pay the rent

Crime has escalated as well as moral degeneracy

People no longer feel they have to care

And I see it everywhere

Is this how we thank our forefathers for making us free?

Freedom of speech

Freedom of choice

If we all speak out together

Together we have a bigger voice.

By S.



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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Truer words were never spoken. We're all in this together. It takes a village. Loved your poems..***