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A Vignette of Imagination: Vanish

Updated on January 3, 2011


 !!WARNING!!  This piece is completely fictional.  It contains touchy and strong subjects with sexual overtones of abuse and suffering.  Please proceed with caution or simply move on if at all uncomfortable.  Thank You~ your author_

Her strawberry colored hair fluttered off her face.  Toes dipped in the lake, she dreamed of a beach far away from everything.  If only she weren’t scared of being in the middle of the ocean on some huge and extravagant ship.  She was deathly afraid of drowning and sea creatures eating her although she’d never been near the ocean and could swim fairly well.

If she could leave behind all the people she’d ever known, she would.  No one could tell her how she ought to be, or could take pity on her for what she was.  She could be loved and hated freely in the present, and not judged by her incriminating past.

She wouldn’t have to hear those who spoke behind her back excuse her every flaw because of all she’d been through.  As if they really had a clue what she’d been through.  It was all HIS fault for laying hands on her defenseless body when she was only ten years old.  She would’ve known to stay clear of him, they say, had she not assumed she was in safe company of a family member.

The images tortured her time and time again.  She could not be rid of them even 15 years later.  Every gaze, every word shot in her direction panged her very soul deeper each time.  HE condemned for life as he should be, but HER as well as HIS victim.  Her only escape, to disappear or die.  Her only hope at recovery, to face the world alone and forget all she’d ever known.


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