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"A Waterside Tale of Hunters and Conquerors- The Hierarchy Of Atlantians"

Updated on July 2, 2017

Peace Brothers and Sisters

(cautious raptor)


The intense southern Atlantic sun
that midday fire beating off the brow.

Shielding my eyes,
squinting from the brilliance,
I leaned from my roost, looked down into,
crystal clear, diamond waters.

A comic sight, as I witnessed a mollusk shell,
Le petite Conch, was running sideways.

I had to smile.
The lively hermit crab that set up house
determinedly, hurried away on some manner of business.

My two restless feet,
dangled in the inlet's salted wetness.

A short distance away
a large school of small silver fish,
jump for their lives- hunted by hungry, larger fish
with razor teeth.

I witness the fierce rhythm of Nature
played out here at my cove.

Large eat small - large consumed by enormous,
the food chain persists.
and conqueror man devours all.

So be it...

Nearby, from left and low,
a snow white egret, silently coasts in
for some stalking and hunting of its own.

The bleached hunter doesn't consider me
until I shift for modest study.

Seemingly surprised, my handsome guest,
flapped its wings- and sails safely away.

I trace its flight, admire its grace,
and respect the mistrust,
the threat posed by my dreadful species…

The Egret's observation well founded
in its opinion of upright walking, two legged scoundrels.

You needn't have feared my ancient brother.

Off the Atlantic Coast a bold story unfolds.
A blackened storm approaches.

Time to get a move on, and back to the hut.

I wished, at that moment to be
a great fishing raptor like the Heron
or perhaps an Osprey.

Yes, a Great Fisher of the Seas and a Life Away From,

Conqueror Man...

©gg.zaino ~ November 2, 2014


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    • gg.zaino profile imageAUTHOR

      greg g zaino 

      18 months ago from L'America- Big Pine Key, Florida

      Thank you, Ruby.

      I appreciate your look and comment.

      You are certainly right, it is a hard existence at times. Survival in our natural environment can be precarious.

      Its splendor is a beauty to behold though.


    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      18 months ago from Southern Illinois

      I could envision all the creatures at the waterside. It's a dog eat dog world, only the fittest survive. I enjoyed reading your ' Tale Of The Hunter ' Well done indeed!


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