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A Work Of Heart.

Updated on May 11, 2022
MFB III profile image

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

A Vanishing Work Of Heart.

In a sun baked, shabby classroom 
that's was made cozier yearly,
by an icon who would soon become 
a vanishing work of heart
Chasing dreams to split the seams 
of reluctant young minds
and fill them with the joy 
of what teaching imparts
In the scald of late summer, 
and through mid-winters gloom,
she is found there daily 
from August till June.
Whether pulling bus duty 
with the kids by the curb
or sharing witty blurbs to 
quell the boredom of verbs.
Leaving high school at sixteen 
and hungry for knowledge
she started teaching at twenty 
fresh faced out of college.
And not for the money 
it was a mere pittance then,
but for the sheer joy of 
sharing her education.
and her inspirations.
Helping struggling students 
with ways to be prudent
and praising them often when 
they showed great improvement.
For forty-three years t
hat did not go by quick
she has worked both with honors 
as well as kids with conflicts.
Bent over our table 
when school days were done 
spending hours grading essays 
often reading me one,
Great works from some 
youthful exuberance spent,
testimonies to some of 
the talents she'd lent
then delighted she'd mark it 100%.
Often staying after school 
to work on backloads,
or for discipline meetings, 
bullying and dress codes.
Working even on crutches, 
and through miserable colds.
fighting greed in the union 
that protected her rights.
Her true union's with students 
every day, many nights.
she has little time for
non-teacher's insights
Don't pretend you can govern
what teachers go through,
till you stand years 
in a classroom 
and do what they do.
All good teachers with tenure 
should be cherished most dearly,
they help guide younger teachers 
with  hard lessons learned yearly.
they've handled what 
worst case scenarios brought
hands on, in their classrooms, 
such skills can't be taught,
I could tell you some stories 
of the glory and grief,
that could casue resignations
and change your beliefs.
But she'll still show up daily 
regardless of costs,
cause she knows it's the students 
who will suffer the loss,
She's cried many nights 
because soon she'll retire,
and it's so hard to leave 
when you've still got the fire
 to teach and inspire.
it's the kids she will miss, 
it's that bond that is made,
that is severed forever 
to go sit in the shade. 
When her last class are seniors
 she'll be a senior too,
still holding great love 
for what she used to do.
Pat the back of a teacher, 
don't belittle the job,
and as it gets worse yearly 
it's the kids who'll be robbed,
How many young souls 
do you think will apply
for a teacher's certificate 
as time goes by,
if they whittle away 
at school budgets and pay,
I wonder who will be teaching 
my grandkids someday.
This poem is my tribute, 
cause I'm proud of my wife
she's reached hundreds of kids, 
sharing lessons for life.

Fighting school board decisions
and a principals wrath
she just turned back to teach
always taking the path
that would her kids glad...
giving them so muuch more
than other teachers they'd had.
The job holds little glory
and so many complaints
but when it comes to her teaching
she is one of the saints.

© 2011 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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