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A Work of Fiction on Government

Updated on January 16, 2019
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Jack is retired. Before retiring, he worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


This work of fiction is a scenario of a superpower that has gotten too big to fail. How one man try to right the ship. How it may come about unexpectedly. How he may succeeded when all said it couldn’t be done. Truth is stranger than fiction at times.

- Jan. 2019


Once there was a great nation, with a great Constitution, and great people from all over the world that went there to build a new life of prosperity for there family. This place over time became the most prosperous country, with great wealth, and a strong military for defense and a strong currency that was the envy of the world. Commerce and free enterprise lead to innovation and efficiency. People were working hard and happy and opportunity abounds. Life is good!

A sinister part was growing and getting stronger and bolder within the government. This great bureaucracy was in the making since the end of that last great war. It started with the military industrial complex and then spread to the Social Security Administration and Veterans Administration and then came the EPA and HUD and few dozen alphabet agencies.

What we have is a complex interwoven government entities with rules and regulations that are inconsistent with private enterprise. They have no accountability, no reason to improve and abuses are common place. The worst part, no one can be fired.

The annual budget process became just an exercise In futility. No one is watching the pennies. There is no correlation between revenue and expenses. Why should there be? All they have to do is to print more money... It is like an endless ATM that will dispense any amount you want without having to pay it back.

After decades of this behavior, the government has grown to be “too large to fail.” Or is it? Some cracks begin to show when our big banks started to fail. Another is our stock markets going into yo yo state with huge swings of up and down. Another is stagnant wages. People are living pay check to pay check just to pay the bills.

The status quo is not working any more, and people wonder why?

Could it be a bloated bureaucracy is the cause?

One man was elected President to fix this. He has a strong business background but with no experience in politics. He is a wheeler dealer and knows how to get things done. He make executive decisions that are unconventional. He makes the people in government nervous. Like a bull in a China shop, he breaks things. He is upseting this structure that was created by the ”insiders.”

He wants to fix things, but soon learned the system is designed to resist change. How should he proceed?

700 Federal Employees Was to Attend a Conference...? Huh

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

An opportunity arises after a heated mid term election. The opposing party regain control of one house of Congress. He cannot get his agenda through. He needs funding and under our system, the House holds the purse string.

He wants to build a wall to stop illegal immigration crossing our southern borders. He campaigned on it. This was discussed many times in the past as one way to help reduce this problem. Nothing significant was done by both parties. The “can“ was kicked down the road again and again. It was thought this problem is too hard to tackle.

The new Congress wants no part of it. A showdown came in the White House. No wall - no budget. no budget, the government shuts down. Given enough time, it begins to hurt. Travelers are met with delays at the airport. Garbage is piling up at our national parks, Federal emplyees, some 800,000 are not being paid. What a disaster? Or is it?

Perhaps this was the way out all along. A smart businessman, figured a way out of this conundrum. What if we demostrate to the American people how bloated our government is? For the first few weeks, most Americans didn't even know or feel there was a shut down. Those non-essential employees were just maybe non-essential.

Another rule kicks in after 30 days of furlough. Apparently, the job could be reviewed by a supervisor and may be elliminated or changed. This gives them more flexibility in dealing with employees who are just not performing. Even if a small number of employees fall into that category, it is a win for the American people. They can finally see some progress in the reduction of federal work force which has been growing steadily for the past 30 years ever since President Reagan.

The silver lining of a government shut down is the long term reduction of staff. Once the House leadership realize what is happening, they will cave and provide the small amount of funding to build that wall.

This is what is called killing two birds with one stone. What a deal.


The Art of the Deal is to make sure everyone walks away from the table with something. Even if it is not exactly what they want, it is something they can hang their hats around. In this case, perhaps the President got what he wanted with a wall, and the opposition party gets to keep their bureaucracy. As a bonus, we get rid of some deadwood in our government. A win win.


A suggestion to the opposition...

Why don’t you change your tactics...

Everything you’ve tried so far has not worked. Trump is still standing.

What if you learn from his play book.

Give Trump what he want to build the wall.

If you really think the wall won’t work and a waste of tax money, then run on that.

In two years, when the next election comes around, you can hang that around Trump’s neck and defeat him at the polls.

© 2019 Jack Lee


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