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A Beautiful Love Story

Updated on July 19, 2020

Love story

The rain has fallen due to the fact midnight. When I woke up in the morning and regarded out of the window, my thinking was awakened. Rain is no longer a favorite of mine, however it appears a little one of a kind today. After a long time the old words are remembered very much, the historic recollections favor to come back. The days of falling in love are worrying the mind very much.

I left the house and went to the kitchen. I made some tea and went straight to the balcony. I pulled up a chair and sat down. A gust of wind blew. As soon as the hair fell on my face, I remembered one of his words, "Did you recognize that you like hair with open hair very much?" I laughed unknowingly. He preferred the rain very much. Whenever I noticed rain, he would sniff, and he would say, "Don't you like rain?" I would shake my head. And he would smile and say, "Vijbi with me?"

I smiled to myself. A few drops of rain fell on his face. How detached the idea grew to be again. People absolutely say that childhood loves can never be forgotten. Don't forget. Because so innocent, easy love may also in no way occur again.

Many reminiscences peeked collectively at the part of the mind. Some good, some heavy evil. Some sweet, some a little salty. I went again fifteen years in the past to ...

I used to be sixteen then. I am new to Kolkata. After the bother of getting admitted in the school, the strain of reading in classification eleven started. After attending women faculty for six years, I used to be a little involved about going to co-ed school. I've continually been a little quiet girl. I was once afraid to assume about how to adapt to the new city, the new school. Life turned 360 degrees. Anyway, let's go straight to the story.

As soon as I entered the faculty on the first day, I felt dizzy. So lots noise, so a lot hustle and bustle of the boys, I used to be not used to any of them. I entered the classroom of category XI, 'Section-A' with a dull face. All faces unknown. And I did now not appear surprised in everyone's face. Unable to find a area on any bench, the closing bench was once formed. I went and sat down. Ananya and Sruja - the concept is with the two ladies sitting on the bench. The first day used to be not as horrific as I thought.

It took a month to see. Unfamiliar faces began to be recognized. The unfamiliar town is no longer so unfamiliar.

And at the equal time every other face began to be diagnosed - Devam Guha. Just from my bench, Konakuni sat on the 2nd bench in the first row. Two weeks ago, I all at once saw him turning his head to the left at some point of the E-Bangla classification and he was searching at me - blinking. Heavy rude! I said in my mind. I additionally turned my face. But I also realized that his eyes were constant on me. It would be wrong to say that I did now not like it. I do not seem bad, however I never concept of myself as beautiful. If you seem to be at such a candy boy, I think he will be a little upset.

Anyway, I realized that this time is just for studying with the mind. And the love factor is not to be by way of me, it used to be my conviction. But I realized in a few days that neither God nor future believes in your brother.

No, I did not fall in love so soon. But it appeared a little higher for him to seem at me. And it also appeared odd that the boy did no longer come to discuss once. In the front of him, his throat was clearly dry. No, no, he was once not shy. On the contrary, I was ashamed. Otherwise, perhaps I would have gone and asked, "Why are you searching like such a fool, Ray?"

I heard from my girlfriends that she was once scared of me. That's how a whole lot he likes me. One day Ananya asked, "Yes, what are you?"

"No, no, what can I say? I'm not in Osbe. "

I did not suppose he would go and tell Devam. Anyway, what's in it. Love-tem is no longer supposed to be by me, that belief nevertheless survives me perfectly. And I was once a little older than I was. I thought, do you like this again? Will fly in two days.

But it did now not fly away, but this chicken sat on a branch. An time out graph from the faculty next month is - in Digha. My mother and father by no means heard of it - yes, they have been a little too orthodox. I was compelled to take delivery of anything I wanted. Everyone else went.

I was once depressed at home. Suddenly on Sunday afternoon, my mother's cell telephone rang. Sruja called from Digha - I ran away as quickly as I heard. As quickly as I picked up the phone, a acquainted voice came from the other side. Not Sreeja, no longer Ananya. Devam - Devam Guha.

"How are you?"

I swallowed, appeared around, ran into my room and said, 'Devam'?

He smiled lightly. "Yes, do you recognize my throat?"

I smiled ashamed. She's no longer ashamed, her cheeks are purple like tomatoes. I said, "Suddenly I called?"

'' I used to be missing you. Everyone is there, but you are not. Don't you pass over me? "

How the chest collapsed. I don't comprehend why, or maybe I knew. Before pronouncing anything, mother came into the room. I cut off the cellphone out of fear.

See you at faculty again. Devam stood in front of my bench at Tiffin. As quickly as my girlfriends bought up and left, she sat down subsequent to me, a little farther away. Honestly, never before has I understood so really that the coronary heart is leaping inside.

"I want to provide you something."

I regarded at him. 'What?'

"A letter."

He took a small paper envelope from his pocket, put it on the bench in the front of me and quietly acquired up and left. I additionally put it in the bag barring showing it to anyone. On the way returned I will examine in the auto, I decided.

In the meantime, a rumor spread in the faculty - the love between us is going to happen. Fear, what will take place if parents know? But as quickly as I opened the letter in the car, my idea melted. Not too big, just one line - I love you. It felt good, I smiled, closed my eyes, a drop of water came out unknowingly - a unusual love surrounded my mind. Again, he used to be a little irritated - does every body say that in a letter?

The next day at school, his eyes had been fixed on his bench. I don't understand why he hasn't arrived yet. I persistently desired to ask someone, where is he? Are you coming to college today? I have something to say, something to know, and a lot to hear.

No, he didn't come that day, I don't know why. Looked horrific too. I've in no way missed anyone so a whole lot before. I thought, day after today will absolutely come, the next day will be the talk. All he wishes to recognize is me.

But as I said, neither God nor future obeys us. As soon as he reached home, he used to be in a commotion. I discovered a love letter written by using my mother or Devam in the drawer of my analyzing table. Who else sees! Kurukshetra begins. I used to be underneath residence arrest for two days School, tuition, track classes, dance classes are all closed. Seeing her mother's bloodshot eyes, her chest was throbbing again and again. Dad is indifferent. I understood that even though I did not say anything, my mother was once helping me.

I went to my mother and stated with tears in my eyes, "Let me study, mother ... I will not make love, I promised."

Didn't I say? I was once very mature. And a greater idiot than that. Even when I didn't analyze to fight, it was convenient to get scared. I left for school the next day, with tears in my eyes and a damaged heart.

Devam got here that day. He got here strolling to see me.

'' Sorry, I had a fever yesterday. I be aware of you would have preferred to have stated it without writing it in a letter .. ''.

'' The love issue won't be by using me. Sorry. "

I said earlier than he finished. Holding her letter in her hand, I entered the classroom. He did not know that I ...

I fell in love with him I came back again now. The temper got worse, didn't it? Mine too The innocent love of two simple minds should no longer recognize our orthodox society wrapped in traditional thinking.

I bought up from the chair and leaned on the railing. The rain has subsided a bit. I took a lengthy sip of tea. Thinking about the historic words, the thought additionally appears to have merged with the thought of the little girl 15 years ago. Sadly, the wounds appear to have risen again.

"Are you here?"

I obtained the sound and grew to become around.

"Are you up?" I made tea, pour it from the flask. "

I grew to become round again. How many years have passed. How plenty has changed. I have changed. Over time, the state of affairs has all changed. And ...

"It will get wet!" Why are you standing here? Can't go to the office? ''

My ideas were interrupted, I looked back. He got here with a cup of tea in his hand and stood beside me. I smiled - we have changed too. I do not understand when you and I grew to be 'us'. Fifteen years ago, you too have slowly became into you unknowingly. The two heart-broken lovers are now a completely happy couple.

I can not trust how many years we spent together retaining the hand of this man. How did he ever say the phrases of the historical days? Our meeting, separation, getting again collectively and subsequently getting married after overcoming hundreds of obstacles?

"What if I do not go?" I said with a smile.

Devam appeared at me in surprise.

"Don't you like the rain?"

'' It seems, however ... inform me what's the matter. What occurred suddenly? "

I regarded into his eyes - still pulling me like an addict. And laughter - it truly is what drives me crazy.

I laughed a little embarrassed and stated - "Vijbi with me?"


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