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A bleeding heart and an open book for you

Updated on August 11, 2012

I pour out my soul for you

And anyone who will take it

I let you see all of me

In the hopes of you accepting me

Flaws and all

I’m a bleeding heart

And an open book for you

All you have to do is stop the bleeding

And write the story onto the paper

All you have to do is help me through this

All the things I’ve been through

All the things I’ve seen

Help me through it all

Or just squeeze the heart

And shut the book

And forget all about me

But no matter how much you see

No matter how much of me

There is always a part of me no one will ever see

You are all blind to it

And you take this writing of the book to seriously

And you stop the bleeding of the heart until it stops beating

This part of me that can’t be free

Hidden from sight

Because it would make you flee

It’s all my secrets and all my evils

All the bad

Rolled into one

Everyone has it

But none quite like mine

None so readily defined

So obvious

Yet so obscure

You’re writing the story into the pages of the book

But I don’t like where the story is going

At this rate it will be no time before its ending

So let’s wipe clean the pages

And let the heart start beating again

Let me be a bleeding heart

And an open book for you again


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