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A child in care

Updated on September 15, 2009

The inspiration for this poem basically comes from my own experiences in care, one children's home more than the rest. My time in care was not a happy one and I feel very secure in saying social services made one huge cock-up after another in my case but things need to change.


Having cigarettes on the roof, why don't adults tell the truth?

Midnight fire drills with loud alarms, cause nothing more than harm

The twisted stairs and broken chairs, analogy of the lives within

The pain and strain, it’s always the same, Just like the pitter patter of the rain


The child in care, such irony and shame, but go on, just pass the blame!

What do you mean, this is near to normal lives? I’m never going to thrive,

I just want to curl up and die with my heart is bleeding it’s silent cry

The normal child doesn't work the streets, but we’re used to the world of deceit

Nor does she need to hide or seek, from those meant to comfort her when weak,


Restrained by the staff upon the floor, I see the face I used to look to in awe

Mischief madness took a hold, teenage wisdom always bold

Rebellious outage and disasters struck, kicking off was bound to cook

Anger and betrayal raged inside, the lost and weary child was I


Beatings, meetings and confusion my life is full, no wonder it is so dysfunctional

Locked in the room and they're bleeding. A bit of love, that's all that's needed.

Trapped in here, windows barred, there's no chance for us to get free.

Happiness, passion, spirit and joy have all but gone, life is somewhere I just don't belong!


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    • profile image

      Cathrine Sandersan 8 years ago

      Outstanding description of what many children must feel when going through the system. You seem to swtich between "I" and "they" though, or was that deliberate?

    • profile image

      Julia Andrews 8 years ago

      Absolutely true. Your poem spoke to my heart and I could feel a real sense of desperation in your words.