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A clear stream my life - A poem

Updated on January 30, 2012

My life a stream - a poem

Life is such a wonderful gift, you get much pleasure out of it, if you enjoy what you do with it. It is like a song you, can make it melodious and make others happy or sing out of tune and make it miserable for the listener.

I would like to think of my life as a clear stream, it has it moments of disturbances, but goes on without stopping, full of the Joy of living and the desire to share the love within. We could say we live well, if we make sure that we make our lives worthwhile for ourselves and others around us.

Long time ago, when I was a child of eight or nine years my father told me.. "all of us live... but it is the ones who have made their lives a clear stream, flowing along, being useful and making others happy are the ones who live on even after they have passed away..." it did not make sense then, but it does now. I was blessed to share 13 years of my life with him... mostly on his lap, as his only daughter, most of the things he spoke to me were profound, it never made sense, but I listened. I listened because I loved to sit on his lap, smell his cologne, and feel his breath on my face... Oh! that was some love we shared!.. but the words remained in me and after many years they have grown into oaks of virtue that my life centers around... The lessons that we learn as children never fade.

I remember his words thirty years later .. it is the time of his death anniversary and my thoughts move in that direction of all that he taught me

Here are some quotes on living life that I love....

Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule. Samuel Butler

Sing like no one's listening, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching. and live like it's heaven on earth. Mark Twain

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on. Robert Frost

Listen to your life. All moments are key moments. Frederick Buechner

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. Kahlil Gibran

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. Kahlil Gibran
And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. Kahlil Gibran
In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on. Robert Frost
In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on. Robert Frost | Source

A clear stream my life flows on,

Gurgling happily all along,

Meandering through the rocks and plains,

Neither boulder nor stump can ever restrain!

Rollicking along the pebbles round,

Joyfully laughing in bubbling sounds,

Whistling love in the refreshing breeze,

Clear as crystal the fun times never cease!

Sometimes there is a boulder big,

That threatens to stop the flow so quick,

My thoughts do turn around the rock,

To find a path after taking stock!

People throw in many a stone,

Children wade in, making it muddy brown,

Troubled it remains a little while, but deep inside,

It settles down and flows undefiled!

Long is the journey hot is the land,

That sucks up the flow into the sand,

The wetness of hope still remains,

And rises up to flow with the rains!

Happy to give of itself to life

Greening the earth, helping it thrive,

Bring meaning and happiness,

Spreading warmth and loveliness!

The joy of life keeps bubbling up,

Despite the barricades and the dams,

A stride, a leap is all it takes,

To clear the obstacle in the race!

Refreshing and watering the dry terrain,

Positive remains the mind’s refrain,

Struggling slowly to reach the summit,

Falling in a thunderous applause of a life well lived!

all pictures are taken from the same source..
all pictures are taken from the same source.. | Source

I enjoy reading your comments...

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    • shimmering Dawn profile imageAUTHOR

      shimmering Dawn 

      6 years ago

      Vinaya, I love Gibran and I am always happy to meet someone who has even heard about Gibran. I grew up 'learning' his book 'The Prophet' when I was in the seventh grade, a birthday gift from my dearest brother. My love and admiration for the man has only grown through the years. His understanding and contemplation of life is amazing. I had my father to influence me too and make me what I am, but that was a very short time I had with him. Yet, he continues to influence me even now. Thanks for the comment. Be a blessing!

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 

      6 years ago from Nepal

      From the time immemorial people have contemplated about life, but the definition is never complete. Your thoughts are beautiful.

      I loved Kahlil Gibran's quote.

    • shimmering Dawn profile imageAUTHOR

      shimmering Dawn 

      6 years ago

      Debbie, thank you! I appreciate your comment and the follow. Have a peace filled day!

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 

      6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      Well you are so right life goes on..don't let it pass you by...I love Robert Frost saying theexact thing goes on . Your poem it breathless...I love this glad I found this hub...voted up..debbie

    • shimmering Dawn profile imageAUTHOR

      shimmering Dawn 

      7 years ago

      Epigramman, I am honored to hear this from you, stunned and speechless too. It is indeed truly encouraging and uplifting and I do appreciate the follow. Thank you from the depth of my heart. :)

    • epigramman profile image


      7 years ago

      ...well your writing is like a clear stream of poetic conciousness and so full of soulful depth and beauty that quite frankly I am speechless - but yet to say one last word: hubawesome!!!!!

    • shimmering Dawn profile imageAUTHOR

      shimmering Dawn 

      7 years ago

      Wow! thank you for the visit again and I appreciate the explanation on the Inner journeys. Sometimes when you hold a particular position you may act and behave differently while internally you may be someone altogether different with different longings and yearnings. That is what I assumed while reading the inner journeys.

      This is my inner that travels back into time and forwards with a surge of hope :)

    • haikutwinkle profile image


      7 years ago

      A second reading often gives one a deeper view of the poem.

      In my "Inner Journeys" poem, I'm describing two different souls - one who is the outward expressive person, another who is the inward expressive person. Both are different individuals with different unique personalities. But due to the differences in views/perceptions/expectations/limitations, there seem to be an invisible obstacle/wall between them. One of the difficulties of effective communications.


    • shimmering Dawn profile imageAUTHOR

      shimmering Dawn 

      7 years ago

      Doc, Glad to see you back again... surprise :) Isn't that the best part of life..all the surprises it brings. Thank you for your lovely comment. I will be at the brook to check it out. It is wonderful to meet with people who appreciate the beauty and depth of life! Glad to have met you!

    • Docmo profile image

      Mohan Kumar 

      7 years ago from UK

      beautifully metaphorical, Shimmering Dawn just like your name. This is exquisite- it does remind me of a poem I wrote some time ago called - the Brook- look it up if you get a chance and you'll know what I mean.. lovely, beautiful and deep with meaning. voted up!

    • shimmering Dawn profile imageAUTHOR

      shimmering Dawn 

      7 years ago

      I do appreciate your stopping by and your comment, thank you for the encouragement.

    • haikutwinkle profile image


      7 years ago

      I think it is a very lovely poem ;D

      even when there are unexpected obstacles/happenings/discoveries on our path, it would be an enlightening experience in learning to overcome it.


    • shimmering Dawn profile imageAUTHOR

      shimmering Dawn 

      7 years ago

      Timorous your comments are always very insightful. I would think if the stream did not expect boulders in its path it would be foolishness on its part. Yeah we need not get hung up on boulders, we can work around them.

      Life needs to go on...

      Thank you so much Timorous for your comment! It is highly appreciated here!

    • timorous profile image

      Tim Nichol 

      7 years ago from Me to You

      Hey shimmering're so right. I wonder how many people just read this and think it's very nice. Whereas, they are actually words to live by. We need to learn not to get hung up on those 'boulders' that life throws at us. Just keep going...these are only moments in time. They too shall pass.


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