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A conversation with Mr Brad Pitt.

Updated on March 3, 2016

A public bar in..

From the soil comes oil and wealth follows..
From the soil comes oil and wealth follows..

A quiet drink on a slow afternoon.

It was a lovely day, and I stepped into a public house on my free afternoon to quench my thirst. It was warm and dry in the dusty London street. The public house was nearly empty of people, as a scuffle broke out, the only other two people in the bar were now having an argument. On approaching the bar, I was confronted with the most beautiful blue eyes and well trimmed mop of blond. The guy had just been flung along the bar by a tall dark haired man and arrived to look me in the eyes with a confused expression. The date of this event was a warmer month and let's say it was around 1990. My first intent was to save this lovely creature from attack from the hostile local London youth. This tall, muscular guy had a deep American accent, which sounded like a Mormon Elder, if you have not met an Mormon Elder, they are sophisticated. I barked dangerously at the very persistent aggressive man, who kept pulling at the America to fight. The dark guy was also very muscular, with a thick bush of curly black hair and large black eyes with long lashes. I called to the opposition, feeling sorry for the American. I said, "This is my cousin from America can you back off and leave him alone?" I was very nervous, as I was only seven and a half stone, so a tiny lady. Would my words stop the altercation or not? Luckily, the argument abruptly ceased and, I had acquired a friend for the day. Brad talked of how a certain company wanted him to take his cloths off for a film and get naked. I could not resist Brad's gullible innocence, but warned him, that in a few years he may have children. His children may not want to see Daddy with his pants off, so it may be best to keep his privates hidden for now. I have always been a little overly square in these matters. I offered Brad some lunch and we left to go back to my house. I rented a small cottage near a protected green forested area. Brad stayed for supper and munched down home made stew with dumplings. My daughter arrived home from school and we all watched television together. It turned out that Brad and my daughter were both Leos and they both sat quietly and were happy for me to wait upon them with food and drink. After my daughter had gone to bed, it seemed only natural that Brad would follow me upstairs and crash out in my room. I looked him over as he interacted with my daughter and they seemed very similar in nature. I said, "I think you will make a wonderful father one day Brad." I retired for the evening and Brad followed. Things did not turn into a long love relationship. as I guess some people are suited for lively situations, but not for love making. I think we were physically attracted to each other, but it did not hit the high notes in the department of love making, so I asked him to leave. I did not want to drag out the unfamiliarity through the night. It is crazy to think that a flawless face has some flaws somewhere, but it is true we are not all perfect, just human. I hope Mr Brad Pitt has found a better match in Angelina.


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