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A diverse mindset in a epic story

Updated on January 21, 2012

A character in a story

A life without purpose a fear to most of us, as if time and fate make that exception. Living from sunrise to the sunset, wishing to be freed from this made up belief that we will someday find our true selves. A variation of emotions can be somewhat confusing, yet each day life feels like progression to me in the absence of an alternative route. Then I ask myself why people feel there story has no meaning. I mean be realistic in my personal inflictions; your life is told through a story. Narrated and told from your daily experiences and jotted down in your memory. Yet in life, some pages seem to be absolute, like part of your life has been skipped. Why is it some of use don’t remember our childhood, the things we have done in increments from the past. I know this maybe be irrelevant to the blog post, but why are friends needed to keep ones-self sane. I think of friends as characters in your story, benefited in somewhat to play a role in your very existence. So why does my story feel like a sharp pain, burned in bridges be these so called "characters" we confide in. So many Genres of books can be symbolized through people’s stories, as if every story leads to a greater cause or even a common goal. So why do some of use bend ourselves backwards to create only an illusion that wither away once your life is ended and your book is closed. It's not that your story gets passed on for generations, or accommodated in scriptures for everyone to believe and follow. It gets squashed; the epic story of your lively hood becomes vanished. So why is it people waste there ambition on becoming just characters in others stories when they have one to write on their own. You know I could sit here, and write blogs about the past or present boyfriends, friends that I really do care for, or even the little things you told yourself that didn't matter that end up becoming the one thing you treasure most though out your life. I choose to relinquish, give up on it because It bores me. A persons story can’t be told through friends or family, it’s all to unrealistic. Who honestly experiences the same things, and truly understand how each other can relate. It almost makes people look sort of pathetic. People never want progression in their own life, but to be carried like a character in another epic story!


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