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A dream which has come true

Updated on June 17, 2016

It really means a lot when your dream comes true. Coz you were not born just to go to work, pay bills and die. Thank God even crazy dreams come true. I too had a dream - a long cherished dream. Today, I am super excited to hold my dream in my hands. Eventually, I have become a published author. There were up's and downs, but I managed to strive through and my hard work paid off with a successful debut novel. I am feeling proud and happy to be a published author. At the same time, I feel committed to write more. The feedbacks and reviews shared by the readers have bestowed a huge responsibility on my shoulders - i.e., To write more.
Chasing the 'writing dream' was never an easy journey. Thanks to all those who have supported throughout.
There were few whom I missed in the acknowledgement section of my book. Let me take this opportunity to thank them. Here we go ~
1. Special thanks to my 'Muse' who appeared in front of me whenever I faced a writers block. Thank you for providing me bail from the jail called 'writers block'. A mere thought about you was more than enough to refill my poetic pen.
2. Flying High in the 'world of words' was my dream & I came one step closer to it wen I joined hub pages. Thanks for being my Launchpad. I have learned a lot from this platform. In fact I’m still learning. Thank you seniors!

As mentioned in the ‘dedication’ section of the book, I would like to dedicate this book to every reader who has picked it from the shelf. This is also for those free souls and air guitar players. Coz I am one amongst you.

Sometimes life becomes meaningless and hopeless. But, not when you have a fallen angel in your life. Everyone has his or her own fallen angel in their life. If not, certainly at a point in their life. Sometimes someone comes into our life and makes us feel that they have not come just now but know us for years. ‘To My fallen angel’ is about that special someone. Are you already in love? Or still waiting for that special someone? The warmth of this heart touching love story will carry you to new heights. I assure that you will appreciate the loved ones in your life after reading this book. Stories end, Love Stories don't. I have given my best shot to aptly capture what it feels like to be in love. It will be an emotional roller coaster ride, which will surely remind the readers about their own ‘fallen angels’.

If you start this book right before bed, there will be no bed. Do you love dreaming before bed? Then reading 'To my fallen angel' is nothing but dreaming with open eyes. Bedtime can be a breeze if you’ve got this book.
Okay time up. I need to get back to work now. Its a sick place, but then who cares when muse is around ;) Born 2 write. Forced 2 work. See you all soon, at the other side of the book. Now go forth and read ‘To My Fallen Angel’. Available through and other online stores.


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