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A journey into hell

Updated on October 19, 2012

Hell diary

Help, help I don't know what to do help, help screamed the old man arm's stretched out but there was nothing there. I see this a lot but this man had a look of pure fear I have never seen before in any body's eyes before. I was used to seeing people pass away all the time but this was different, You see the thing is I work in a hospital and I had just been transferred to ward 13 "the nut ward" some like to call it but to me it was the mental health unit simple as that BOOM! glass flew everywhere falling onto the floor, cutting patients in its travel glistening as it flew through the air. The old man gasped one last breath and then his eyes sunk into his head........It was dark, red hot and the air tasted rancid like hot oil and urine being boiled a thousand times over my lungs were burning like never before and there I was walking down a steep dark hot slope my head begging me to turn around and walk away but as soon as I did I was walking down the same dark slope. I had never felt pain like this before ever and I did not know where I was I was scared out of my mind over and over my brain was trying to escape out of my skull it felt like it was going to explode any second and then all of a sudden a loud rumble and then I was falling through the ground. Hands were grabbing me tearing through my skin, being part of me sinking into me like a knife through butter. The pain was unbelievable Help! Help! I don't know what to do I screamed out my voice going unheard and then BANG! I landed on a hard brimstone floor I felt all of my bones shatter into a million pieces. I could see a light really far away coming at me like the speed of light and then it skidded to a halt inches from my face like a car screeching to a sudden stop. It was a large concrete brimstone rock and it had images on like a t.v set. I could not believe what I was seeing before my eyes it was my life it started with my birth then my childhood and then the moment in my life I cared to forget my first kill. It was back in 1972 I was walking home from the "howlers" bar a good haunt for red necks and tough nuts. That's when I saw an image in front off me of two men trying to attack me so I grabbed a fence stick and started smashing away next thing I knew I woke up in the morning with dry blood all over me. I washed the blood away and turned the T,V on and there it was all over the news father and son viciously bludgeoned to death for no apparent reason the police detective on the telly said he had never seen a crime seen like it before in his 34 years in the force. That's when I had a flashback It was me but I don't know why I did it. It was happening all the time people were dropping like flies left right and centre and the worse thing was it was me I had an unsatisfied urge and taste to kill, kill and kill......GRRRRRR! What is that noise I said to myself GRRRRRR! I heard it again and then all of a sudden from no where hundreds of teeth gripped my flesh the pain was immense hundreds of dogs with green eyes were dragging me along the floor my skin burning as painfully as ever teeth gnashing into me. I got dragged into a big cavern like a prison cell but there was no bars so I tried to do a runner but as soon as I did that flames appeared from nowhere  and devoured my whole body. All I could hear was misery and pain, men and women screaming in pain and all of a sudden I saw a giant man running at me  slaughtering anything and anyone in his path he was cross eyed and very hairy looking. No, No I screamed as he grabbed my hair and dragged me along the floor he seemed to be immune from the pain and suffering but the anger in his face was in deniable and every second all this badness was happening to me it felt like an eternity time stood still. I was dragged to an isolated cavern and placed down on some type of mantle and the man grabbed a huge rock like pole and started smashing my head with it my head crushing twisting exploding oh the pain was excruciating the funny thing was is all the anger I could see was starting to envelope me I was starting to become part of this nasty evil world. When my head exploded it would heal itself again and the same process would happen over and over again. My skull continued to be pounded for well over 100 years but the thing is I never become immune to the pain it was always so excruciating. All of a sudden the ugly cross eyed man stopped pounding my skull in and walked away. Then from nowhere in walked a skinny looking man all dressed up in a smart suit and and started talking to me this was the first time some one talked to me in this dreadful place. Do you know why you are here Charlie do you know where you are the man had actually reminded me of my name you see where I am you forget everything who you are the pain does not let you think of anything I am just so consumed with pain and misery. You are in HELL replied the skinny man and you have felt and seen nothing yet you see the thing is Charlie when you was up there on earth you never did pay for your crimes so this is the place where you are going to pay your debt for all the pain and suffering you dished out know it is your turn to feel the wrath. You will feel everything that your victims felt when you brutally murdered them, every bit of pain they felt you will feel but 100 times more and when that is finished I am going to throw you into red burn a huge fire pit where you will burn for 72 million years and feel suffering and pain like nothing you have ever experienced.......Everything that I did on earth to my victims happened to me I got stabbed, axed and lots more and I even had my eyes gouged out and every time this suffering would go on I will experience it for 100 years every time for every victim. By the time the punishment was over the anger and hatred of this place filled me I could not feel love, emotions nothing just pure hatred. By the end I found out that I had butchered 958 innocent people all together. 100 years I paid for every victim and the punishment would repeat itself over and over again. As the skinny man promised I was chucked into red burn the flames devoured me, burnt me and I did not melt or perish I just burnt. Millions of other souls were writhing in pain just like me everyone in their own world of pain and suffering it was everlasting. When red burn was over I got put into the cavern of lost souls room of darkness for eternity. Zap!...Zap! that's what I felt as the doctors revived me with electric my heart had stopped and the doctor said I was dead for 60 seconds. You see the thing is time stands still in hell but I have to go back when I die to bottom hell where I will become a servant of darkness punishing bad people like me it is like a cycle be punished and then punish. I am in hell know on earth knowing that when I die I have to go back to that place I am writing this diary waiting for the day that I get dragged back to hell.


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    • henderson0683 profile image

      henderson0683 5 years ago

      thanks frank i like writing fiction my mind just invents stories

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      wow this was really go voted up man