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A life in waiting - a poem

Updated on February 3, 2012

Life in Waiting - with hope

Waiting is a season of nervous excitement. Waiting for love, waiting for life to happen can cause one to doubt the very things that they believe in. But deepen within despite the doubts, fears and tears, in that strong inner core there is a little voice that says “I know, I know; I know that I know, that things will fall into place”. That unshakable faith is what gives the strength to the wait, a reason to hope and a meaning to life. Without hope and without faith life could just be a tedious existence lived from day to day with desperation and dread. Think positive, think right, live well!!

Princess of Leoilla
Princess of Leoilla | Source

Life in waiting - with hope for a season

Is it worth the waiting?
Is it worth all the aching?
Will it be worth the taking?
After the price is paid.

It seems as though,
Life is but a dream,
But at times it appears,
Sodden with tears!

It seems as though,
Friendships are forever,
But maybe, they are
Neither now nor ever.

It feels like all I ever do,
Is to love and not have a clue,
To give and give until I feel,
I have had a terrible deal!

It seems as though,
Things would fall together,
Then they blow up,
And fly away on a feather!

Sometimes it appears as though,
Life is worth it all,
Every moment,
Every fall!

At times it seems like deceit,
It is better to accept defeat,
Just illusion that are seemingly true,
Leaving me feeling ever so blue!

But I know and I know;
And I know that I know,
For those who believe,
There is always a reprieve!

Positive thoughts,
Shall see me through,
Difficult spots,
And I shall be as new!

Let me know how you feel.................

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    • shimmering Dawn profile image

      shimmering Dawn 6 years ago

      AE, true, we need these reminders once in a while. We need to tell ourselves that love is never wasted on anyone. The best thing that you could ever do is to love someone with all your heart. Pick yourself up and give more of yourself to people who need love is what I would say.. Thank you for your insightful observation my dear.

    • shimmering Dawn profile image

      shimmering Dawn 6 years ago

      Acaetnna, I know that I Know, it is worth the wait. Nothing is impossible for him who believes.

      You are absolutely right my is well worth the wait.. and worth the giving.. :) I truly appreciate the way you feel.. thank you!!

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Beautiful, Think positive thoughts, a wonderful reminder that if life gets you down, pick yourself up and get back in the race. Thank you.

    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 6 years ago from Guildford

      It is definitely worth the wait!! To experience this wonderful emotion called love - is beyond the realms of explanation! awesome words here!!