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A little of today

Updated on August 7, 2016

In this enigma called life, brilliant openings and happy endings cover the mist of hope and allow so little to understand. Jay walkers calmly strolled on the pavements. Some having a cigarette pressed to their lips calmly sucking in the tar of toxic fantasy swirling in their numb head. Little by little, the view distance starts to grow. It's inevitable to miss the calm soothing call of nature, but does nature have to be so captivating?

As the flame from the cigarette butt almost to the end, he looked up to the sky. Cosmic rays of eternity looking down on him. What could change his mind from such heartache he suffers. Does the milky clouds above know how much he wants the flower of his life to grow? Does it know what to make of such heartache it causes? The tip of the cigarette filter turned to burn as he felt a scorch of heat on his thick lined lips.

Around the corner from 7/a dhanmondi branched the house of strangers and meetups. A place called park or let alone the "Robindro Shorobor". He sat on the pavement tapping away on his phone. Mobile data can be useless at times since most 15 year old be eating potato chips and masturbating to Pornhub. He cringed at the thought. He was a lot older to be jerking off watching other people have sex. The thought of his 'flower' brought up memories. Memories that replayed the past. He knew every scene by heart, they all went by so fast. Like a flicker of a switch or a snap of the fingers. A warm welcoming hand gripped his left shoulder. He looked across from the phone to see red polish on the nails and a shinny ring on the third. He didn't look. He didn't have to. He knew what he had seen was a perception of what was, the Flower.


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