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A love poem part 4

Updated on January 19, 2012
It's never too late.
It's never too late.

Poems For You And Your Spouse Can Read Out and Play

Love poems for your lover, with roses and dark chocolates, you can't go wrong with that combo.

Never rush into a relationship, time is precious, hers and yours. So take it slow and make sure the feelings are mutual. When they are and you both are on the same page, "make it count" or someone else will.

Never be afraid to show your love for them.

Someone's denial could be someone else Acceptance.

There is no fear in LOVE.

Fella's make it a goal in life to make her smile. It's that serious. Doing something for her that let's her know you care...more than anyone else. Go that extra mile just to make her smile.

Make her sex life sensational and turn up the sizzle factor with poems! She'll love it!

Check out my new poem...........this should get ya' in the right direction.

Over The Top For You

We want an monogamous relation, We crave a fabulous sensation, Let me be your remedy, Let me be your one and only, Let it be, what it is to you-

Take a journey far from lonely, your the only woman for me, Girl you are the remedy, You are the only, Let it be, what it be, my love is true,

This is an ever ascending, real love no pretending, woman open up, my appetite is raising and diving for you, Let it be, what it is to you,

I'm Gonna' take it up a notch, don't say a word just watch, and take this love from me and let it be, what it be, my love is true-

When we work, its a lovely remedy, When we work, its a free remedy,

When we work, its a lovely remedy, When we work, Love is key, love is key,

Help me see what you see, Give me a sign just for me-

And we will indulge in each others dreams-

What I want from you- Is what you want from me-

A loving relation,

What I need from you, is what you need from me-

A heart felt celebration,

Use your faith and explore in this love anew-

I would wait, to indulge in this love with you-

Take your time, Your love is mine, patiently,

I would wait, yes I would wait for you.

When is not more important then who, yes I would wait for you.

Let's take it slow for now and then play catch up another moon.

If you would like to know more about the author please go here.



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