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A love that blooms forever

Updated on June 18, 2017
Missing Wanderer profile image

Arjay is studying in college for mostly three years. He used to make poems when he was in Highschool.


Love’s definition varies from one another

But what does love really mean

Does it really matter?

It touched many but never seen

Love is a flower that blooms forever

An action with an unending ripple

Feeling that makes cowards braver

A word that create unity within people

Gives you one reason that can oppose thousands

Gives you light if darkness arise

Gives you the reason to get up and stand

Gives you the courage to face failure no matter how many tries

Love never fails some may say

Some fail in love so they complain

But love is not easy it is not achieved in a day

You need to sacrifice and feel some pain

Love is not something that blooms in an instant

It’s like a flower that needs to be taken care of

Fight for it but don’t be blatant

This war is hard you got to be tough

To share your thoughts to one another

To openly communicate about everything

Acknowledge her as your lover

Joy is the prize this so called love brings

Love is like the weather

It changes conditions every time

But if you truly love each other

The feelings won’t subside

Love is like an adventure

That is guided by a map

You should travel together to the future

If tired, never surrender, rest and take a nap


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