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A New Chapter Begins

Updated on April 4, 2020
Seth Vance profile image

More than proven himself, Zach encounters a whole new world. Which means a whole new set of rules.

The next moment, Collin and I hear a weird, loud whoosh in the distance. Like some strange object was approaching, fast.

'They're here.' I said.

'What's here babe?'

'The suits I spoke of earlier silly?'

'Oh yea, haha, now I'm the blonde.'

'Give me a second babe. Jarvis, what's the situation bringing us?'

'By that, im sure you are referring to what you have just done sire?'

'Yes please Jarvis.'

'Well, what you have done is alerted pretty much the whole world now, no getting out of this. Plus we might want to go to protocol evade now? Trust me on this sire.'

'Ah fuck, just what I wanted to avoid, yet, alas, does not seem it was avoidable. Okay Jarvis, just keep our communication together a bit private, got it? Only Collin is aware of you at this point.'

'Oh good, I've always liked him, please send him my regards will you?'

'You just did Jarvis, say hi.'

'Greetings Collin. Pleasure to meet you properly'

'Properly?? Who are you, even? How do you know about me and I not about you?'

'Okay, I think I should get you up to speed quick handsome. Jarvis is our homes OS. Please don't tell Kate, she will freak and bust my balls, and that's currently your job.'

'Whoa, okay, what the hell....'


Saved by the suits, literally.

'Climb in, yours is auto pilot for now. Let's go get some answers shall we?' I suggest.

I think it must be overwhelming for my baby baby, first time in one of my suit inventions.

Flying all across the world in these things is a dream come true. Suddenly, we are invisible,due to the world being on our ass now that we have, hopefully, the American president.

'Connect our comms back please Jarv.' I ask.


'Oh... my.... SOUL!! Where, the, FUCK have you guys been????' Kate demands slash screams.

'I've been trying to ping you, locate you, looking through cameras, planes, everywhere! Even my own version of God's eye. What the fuck happened?'

'Don't, EVER, get rid of Zach. Me, fine, but Zach is the guy you DON'T want to piss off. Even according to my standards.' Collin replies.

'Cant be that good.' Reniek says under his breath.

'No, he's even better, trust me.'

'Where the hell are you, for the hundredth time??'

'Unknot your underwear Kate, we are almost there.'

'How did you get out without me knowing?'

'Just that good. Me and Collin are together, we ate heading into your airspace shortly.' I reassure.


'Haha, my secret. Not sharing.'

'Damn man, you some secret agent or what?' Kate says sarcastically.

'No, just intellectual.' I snark.

'Wheres lucy with her target?'

She is arriving by sea shortly' Reniek says.

Great, now I can start questioning soon.

Why so many different cures, notes, possibles. It's clear as to why the secret lab, but it can't be coincidental that the kid showed up when he did. Was he sent? Is the dad still alive? Is it a trap? What's going on? We are gonna have to create a simulator for this virus and I need to make a couple of calls to replicate the vials. Katreine will be my first call.

Landing back at Base, nor even the alarms go off. Brilliant work Jarvis.

Walking into the compound to the main tech area where we hang around most of the time.

'Aaaaaaahh! Oh my word, you gave me a heart attack guys!' Kate squeals.

'How you get in when I have EVERY inch covered with security? Nevermind, thank heavens you back. I have loads of questions.' Kate says.

'None that I can answer without you dissappearing hun.' I reply jokingly.

'What's Lucy's ETA?' I ask.

'A couple of hours.' Reniek came walking in.

'Where the hell you guys creep in from?' He asks.

'For me to know, you not to find out to soon.' I say.

'You really don't want to know' Collin agreed.

'I do thank you, this is my team and I do have a right to know.'

'You might have bigger balls than I do Reniek, but I appointed you team team leader, this is my team originally, and soon to be again. Without me, there wouldn't be a team. So back off, okay? Just chill and watch the beauty unfold.'

'Who the fuck are-...'

Not much further was said when my invisible suit whacked him so hard he went flying into the wall. Nice Jarvis.

'Uurgh... what.. the... hell...?'

'You see what I mean? Even my ghosts don't like you.'

'You have ghosts?' He says with a hell of a panicked and petrified look on his face.

'Of course he does, why you think he's so good?' Collin plays along.

'No time for this petty crap, Kate, I need your OS for a sec?' I ask.

'Sure, no problem. Barland, I'm handing you over to Zach for a bit, please play nice?'

'Yes ma'am. For you, I shall obey.'

'Wow, fancy shmansy.' Collin replies

'Barland, nice to meet you one on one now.' I begin.

'Thank you sir, and likewise. I have heard much about you.'

'Very flattering Barland, thank you. We will touch on that in a moment if you don't mind? But for now I would require your assistance in locating someone please?

Little does the team know I have Jarvis on my internal comms too.

'I'm sensing another AI OS in range, should I be worried?'

'No Barland. No worry needed at all.' I assure.

'Alright, who would you like me to find?'

'Katreine Benatta, currently unemployed. Last known location was Toronto, Canada.'

'I have found two possible matches. Pulling up images now.'

Two beautiful woman appeared on screen. One with long, curly, healthy blonde hair, and the other with a short, mouse brown in colour, pixie style hair cut.

'The long blonde hair is the one I'm looking for, please. And please, no biography details, just see if you can contact her telephonically.'

'Alright, alow me a couple of minutes and you will be connected.'

'Thank you kindly Barland.' I say.

'You're welcome Zach.'

'Zach? He doesn't even call me by name yet. How did you do that?' Kate exclaims.

'I'm not to bad with tech hun.' I say.

'Who is this woman now?' Reniek asks.

'She is a biological scientist that has skills that are almost as advanced and wide as mine are. She is brilliant. And she is going to help us save the world too, if the government hasn't gotten hold of her yet either.' I say.

Part three coming soon...


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