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A poem about someone my memory cannot let go

Updated on October 24, 2011

A Recent Photograph



You, in the beginning,

saw a storm coming your way,

fear dawned upon you,

It was possible,that you would not survive the storm, but the storm would survive you.

It always happens likewise, with storms. They survive what we are unable to survive.The fear about the storm was justified danger.

But the storm never did you harm.

When In love

it evokes the storm you have always waited for.

The impossible storm that waxes and wanes you

away from you

is but the elusive character of all those storms that take care of you at a safer distance from you.

Than you ever get to know.

The storm went past you and let you witness it's wrath...but it never happened to you...You have been mighty afraid of all mighty storms.

Are you safe?

Are you sound?

Do you wish the storm once again come around?

Wake up to a clear blue morning and wave those storms goodbye...

and hide those tears that trickle from the forlorn corners of your lonely and sad eyes.


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