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A poem to a friend of mine that went missing not so long ago and still has not been found.

Updated on August 21, 2012

Where are you now I wonder, are you alive?

what where the last thoughts that went through your mind

before you vanished somewhere none of us can find

a land away from this world, a moment in time

or are you still here with us, are we searching all of the wrong places

will you be recognised amongst all the bewildered faces

of those that have been searching for you high and low

a clue would help so much , it would just let us know

where do people go when they cannot be found

we have searched recklessly for you , we have searched the grounds

please come home , let us know you are okay

so that we may never question who took your last breathes away

so that our minds can be put to ease , a burden so heavy could weaken the softest breeze

Just come back to your mother, who longs to see your face

a child taken from her, gone without a trace

while the posters of you cover the town and strangers come together

it shows that we all stand as one , and as one we are better

Where do all the missing people go, if they are not found?


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