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A purple Donkey with Elephant ears

Updated on December 8, 2012

A purple donkey -oh my!!

Podunk was Purple
Podunk was Purple

A Critters Caper Poem

Walking along a country road

a little purple donkey carries a heavy load.

He struggles to stay upright as he walks down the lane.

Those big fat ears are a terrible strain

What a sight for the world to behold.

This is a story that must be told.

When Podonk was born on that bright sunny day

there was no reason to believe he would grow up this way.

Just a plain donkey, coloring grey

but each night at bedtime he would earnestly pray.

Lord make me different, a unique kind of guy

make my friends notice each time I walk by.

Seems the lord listened, for each passing day

the little donkey changed in a shocking way.

His grey coat turned purple, like a bright, purple fig.

His ears just kept growing, round and big.

He looked like an elephant, ears flapping to and fro.

He cried and cried, Lord please, don't make them grow.

Not any bigger, I can't stand the pain.

Please take them back and I'll never complain.

The Lord replied, "Sorry, I answered your prayer.

You wanted to be different, and I didn't care.

I gave you a beautiful purple coat

and a pair of ears that could help you float.

I can't take them back, can't make them disappear.

I'm afraid you must accept your burden to bare.

So next time you call me, be careful what you say.

I'm always listening when my children pray.

Now you know the story of the donkey in the road.

You know why he's purple with a heavy load.

But think of the blessing with elephant ears

he can sweep up the road as he cries purple tears.

Big ears like this on a little donkey

imagine these ears on the little purple donkey!!
imagine these ears on the little purple donkey!!
Podunk before he turned purple
Podunk before he turned purple


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    • lindalou1963 profile image

      Linda 5 years ago from Texas

      This is so cute!! So simple, but it says so much. Thank you for sharing.

    • Bettyoverstreet10 profile image

      Betty (Alawine) Overstreet 5 years ago from Vacaville, Ca.

      Paddyboy60-you are so clever! Thanks for commenting in such a unique way! It was so cute, you made my day!

    • PADDYBOY60 profile image

      PADDYBOY60 5 years ago from Centreville Michigan

      A purple donkey! Wouldn't that be grand! Instead of a green thumb, we could have a whole green hand!