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A Doll's Christmas Miracle

Updated on January 13, 2020
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May my dusk be with you.Simply us.Beauty withinA coffee with a side of my love?Tulips!!!!God dwells in the hearts that love.
May my dusk be with you.
May my dusk be with you.
Simply us.
Simply us.
Beauty within
Beauty within
A coffee with a side of my love?
A coffee with a side of my love?
God dwells in the hearts that love.
God dwells in the hearts that love.

It was the Christmas eve,

There she lay in a box waiting to be unwrapped,

She wondered who would own her from tomorrow,

A sweet little girl who would brush her hair,

Or someone who owned a bunch of other dolls,

and would not even care.

"I am no Barbie, I am not so special"

She said to herself, and prayed -

"but someone who could love me just as I am,

For this is my Christmas wish!, but for now my heart be calm";

She pondered -

"I have been handled roughly till now,

assumed that I don't have a heart;

I wear a simple plain pink dress and a bow,

but I am not delicate enough because I don't wear a hat."

She laid there, almost lifeless, knowing not what to think,

just staring at the inside of the box, with an occasional blink.

The night turned into a beautiful Christmas morn,

She could hear the children laughing,

and inside the box she began to mourn,

For a new thought occurred in her mind -

"What if this is as good as it gets,

time inside this box will be cherished as the best?

What if this is the happiest I will ever be,

and my owner will not let me be?"

Moments passed which felt like ages,

She could hear the excited voices,

Unwrapping the gifts,

What calmed her down was the sweet Christmas carols,

She decided what will be will be, no need to hassle.

A beautiful little girl, called Nina by the people around,

brought light into her box, as she unwrapped the box carefully,

So that nothing inside is broken,

Nina took one look at her, and cried out -

"I din't want this THING Mother!, I wanted a Barbie doll!".

She knew this was coming, her worst fears came true after all,

All that she could do now is close her eyes,

And wished that she was back inside her beloved box!

Nina took her in her arms along with some of her other Christmas gifts,

She thought "May be Nina will love me after all;

For we all have unconditional love inside us, What ever happens, happens for good ...",

As she was lost in these thoughts, she heard other gifts fall,

moments later she found herself inside an old toys basket made of wood;

She thanked God, which surprised other toys,

"Thank you God, at least I have a Home!".

Now one year had passed since she was Nina's undesirable,

The other toys always held her high for her wisdom,

She helped who ever she could, whichever way possible,

She fixed Mr. Piggy's snout, She encouraged a scared little fish to swim, called Miss.Trout,

She proved as a good council to Mr. Owl,

She sat with Miss. Purrfect so that she could revise her vowels,

She loved her liberty but sometimes she found herself lonely in her freedom.

It was Christmas day again one year later,

She was happy with the friends she had, but still looked melancholy,

Because the Holidays are merry until you are all by yourself,

She looked around and, everyone was with their own happy family,

Mr. Piggy had Miss. Banks, Miss. Trout had a happy school to which she belonged,

Mr. Owl was wooing Miss. Chia, Miss. Purrfect had Mr. Whiskers in her kitty;

She did not want to intrude in their familial chatter,

She did not want to be a sympathy matter;

She was lost in the memories of a place and time long lost,

a place she once called home, in the good old past.

Mr. Whiskers, the toy cat, was now concerned and asked her out of curiosity,

"My dear little doll, its hard to read you,

you have so many friends and you say you are fine,

but there is something in your eyes, which says you are not,

what is it actually that you want?"

She replied without a moment's delay -

"My dear friend, I have God's love and that's what I need

but sometimes all I want is,

someone who could give a daily hug,

hold me and tell me everything will be fine,

even though I know it may never be,

someone whom I call all mine,

someone who could see the love inside me,

someone who could fall asleep right beside me,

someone to spend all my Holidays by the fireplace

someone to spend all my life sharing God's glory and grace"

Mr. Whiskers contemplated and said -

"My dear little doll, It may never happen, I am afraid,

For the toys here in this basket are not your kind!",

The little doll appreciated the cat's honesty,

She felt the need to lighten up the moment,

"I appreciate that and thank your stars I am not Mr. Bulldog,

or I would chase you around the basement!"

That night in the privacy of the darkness,

she let her tears out, she cried -

"All I want to do is fill the empty room that is for rent in my heart,

and hope that it will be owned as time passes by",

She looked outside the window with tears in her eyes and saw a shooting star;

What she did not realize was that he was across the wall, in the next room,

both unknown to each other, there he was a valiant but broken toy soldier,

looking at the same bright object, lying in Nina's brother's toy cart,

saying to himself, "I know thats a firefly but I shall think its a shooting star,

wish the empty space beside me is filled by a simple plain sweetheart ...".

What they both believed in was that God may reply late,

but when he grants a wish, it's worth all the wait.

What they both did not know was that, a Christmas miracle was in the making,

A Christmas gift was being delivered to them both, for they saw neither a meteor nor a firefly,

but an angel descending from heaven, with orders from the big boss to comply;

orders to remove the wall in between,

orders to make him and her meet.


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