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A song to fit every occassion

Updated on April 24, 2016

I dont want to know

Occassion #1. I don't want to know

I was married to my husband for 28 years, we had two children one girl and one boy. I took care of this man to the fullest extent of a wife. I went along with things that I totally disagreed with, but went along with it because you were my husband and according to you and what I was told from the bible, that was what I was suppose to do. No matter how I may have disagreed , once the man of the house put his foot down that was it. Even if it went against everything that I believed in.
Then after our children were on their way out of the house, and I hadn't worked for over twenty years you want to leave me after twenty-eight years of marriage for someone born yesterday.
Gladys Knight could not have sang my married story any better then in the song, "I don't want to know". The video explains it all take a listen

You just don't want to know

Ocasion #2. You just don't wanna know

I was living with two relatives of mines when I began to date. I found this one guy that sort of sparked my interest. I began to see more and more of this young man. Oh did I mention that he is eight years younger than myself. At first I really didn't know how much I enjoy this gentlemen, because at first it was for the obvious reasons. But the more time I spent with him I began to fall for him and hard.

Well that became a problem for my family member. They didn't think that he was good enough for me. That I was lowering my standards being with him. He was beneath me. I have known this man for a little over two year when I meet up with him again. Around the holiday's, (Christmas & New Years) I began to spend many nights with the new man in my life, and getting a little caught up in the festivities, got a little behind on one of my obligations to the household. So the new man in my life was going to pay it for me. Now I had to wait until the first, however the payment wasn't due until the eleventh so I didn't see the urgency. Three days after the first of the year, my family members kicked me out of the house. Now mind you, we didn't get along the greatest before we moved into this house, however I thought we had started a new chapter in our relationship. I thought they we were a family, obviously not. By the way the family members were my son and daughter-in-law.

Here's the song for this situation. My words to them, take a listen Marvin Winans put the word into my mouth and they fit perfectly

Take me to the king

Occasions #3. Take me to the king

Being put out of your home can be kind of depressing and may throw you down in the dumps for a little while. Now most of the time when things like this sort of thing happens to you, God will give you a blessing. My blessing was the man that i was seeing at the time that i was put out, he was so in love with me, he felt that my misfortune was his fortune. He took me in and helped me get through this difficult time in my life. This was the third time that my family threw me out in the streets.
You may ask what song helped me get through this occassion, well I will tell you. Tamela Mann's "Take Me To The King".

I just wanna be happy


After I was put out of my so called family home for the third time, I decided to change my world. I didn't know which way I was going to go, I just knew that I was going to change my world. I heard this song by Kirk Franklin that summed up what I was feeling and I decide to listen to that song every morning for the new year. Now I have three songs that I listen to very morning before going to work and so far it has worked. Even on a bad day I listen to these three songs sometimes four and as I look back over the last four months, things in my life has begun to change.
Thank you Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann for the brightness through your words for the change in my life. TAKE ME TO THE KING, I found out that I JUST WANNA BE HAPPY. So Im asking for the MELODIES FROM HEAVEN to keep blessing me to be able to STOMP on the negativity trying to sneak his ugly head into my life

Melodies from heaven


Just asking

Do you think that there is a song that can fit a occassion or situation in you life.

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What song fits your occasion?


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