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A store of gold

Updated on November 21, 2013

Ijego was a humble farmer, although life wasn't treating him fair.However, he kept his family of three kids and wife together with the little his farm produced. One day, his older son Ebuka advised him that setting up a poultry will help them. The deal was done and within six months they had twenty hens and five cocks.

They would soon begin selling eggs and also have more fowls.

Something happened after two years as their poultry had grown not quite large but 100 hens and 47cocks plus over 60chicks showed how hard the family worked. Well the thing was that one of the hens began laying golden eggs, at first they thought that it was egg but a close check proved that it was pure gold.

The family began harvesting gold, the hen lays a total of two per day and with that, they stormed from grass to grace. Ichie Onwa, his best friend was astonished about Ijego's riches, soon he began financing major community projects. He told Ichie Onwa about the hen out of trust then five days later, the hen got missing. No one apart from the family members knew of the hen and it's safe place, it was their secret.

Store of gold

Do you believe that it was Ichie Onwa who stole the hen?

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Somewhere, someone cut open the stomach of the hen with the belief that there was a store of gold inside it.

Who could it be?

"Do not tell secrets to those whose faith and silence you have not already tested."


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