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A Sunny Disposition on a Holiday - Poem

Updated on May 14, 2020

What is the rainforest that gentle twine can wrap its arms around

It is in the giant limbs that enter the cave of a habitat for a species protected

The giant leaves fall to its side as if waiting for a Panda bear to eat the stalks

The green is so overwhelming in the forest it takes us back to the enormous sun

Yellow and Red fire beaming accross the world it is the color of elusion

Desire and without the fallen oracles of free rain on the floor of new religion

We uncover the brush under the fire of the sun to see the craters where the monkeys stay

The bark is full of essential food for animals and a medicine to heal the wounded

The heavy stumps of tree lay where the tops have fallen only to create a path

For the enlightened it is this way of discovering the foretold truth about the hardships

Omnipotent in their last sayings together either the souls speak or lend a helping hand

The indigenous people are free to roam the grounds of their home in solitude

And what is built in the temple of our hearts is the common belief that man can be well

And that love of the ways of the rain that pounds on the thickets meandering through

The walls of hatred fall and people be to heed the words manifested again

All of the real lives lost here have to do with the knowing of the special needs

It is the work of families that took the world for granted and heed the canopy of dreary sands

Sands of time and fools of paradise

Here they believe that love revolves around the open land and freedom is to be taken

And what work is done is done by the hands of god and army of followers

It is the almighty in the mission to do well in terms of freeing the minds of obscurities

The peace in the rainforest degenerates as it is cut down with profit and greed

Envious of the civilization that will be lost I begin my journey to free and living simple

It is the creator that has left this place in such a hurry the rains will help to protect

Protect the people from the disarray of the handfuls of real savages

The mind in a devilish fashion has said to his women, cherish your love

And they have hearts of gold and figure themselves to lean against a broken wall


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