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A Tapestry Woven in Poem

Updated on August 8, 2011


The night is cold


the stars are burning


the waning moon watches

over sleepless nights

shadows dance around

the burning fire light

is it right

this cold the heart must fight

in this darkest night


My one and only

oh, my one and only

I kiss your

pale lips

upturned to the gray


and I wish for

day to end

their burning skies

torch my fading eyes


Her face is half beautiful

half decay

like transi

in the graveyard

she watches over you

you hope to see only beauty

the decay is turned away

you fear what you don't

understand of her

she's coming for you

you can't hide forever

half moonlit

half shadowed in dark

your realize your own duality

the inevitable decline

the sky above

the dust is at your feet

you run to get away

but it's everywhere

she's coming in to kiss your lips

not sure if its their warmth

or the cold

that draws you in

she whispers in your ear

the secrets you hoped to never know

it grips your heart

the knowledge of your

own mortality

the air draws thin

your blood is running cold

lips fail to move

its too far from touch

you've already given in...

to a spreading darkness

ix. Funeral Dirge

Here I live

my body

broken asunder

a temple

for the earth

I once arose

flesh from ashes

we all go to dust

fear not, cry not

for I arise again

things are more

than they seem

immortality isn't

so inconceivable.

Robin Coe is a journalist and author. She wrote the fantasy novel "Fly on the Wall" and graphic novel "Illustrated Book of Wrath".


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