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A Titanic Story

Updated on April 22, 2016

The titanic. The unsinkable ship. Sure,unsinkable.i boarded the ship with my wife,lady Boddington, my son,master Boddington and our staff.We were what you would call upper class citizens, the richest of them all. It was a nice ship,vast corridors,huge banquets, beautiful views and top class facilities

Before arriving to the ship my son said he was scared,that he had a bad feeling about our journey. I told him just to man up and not to be afraid. God I just wish I had listened to him then maybe he would be alive. There was chaos when we were trying to get on the ship,with all the middle class passengers shoving and pushing to get onboard just in case the ship left without them. When we had finally boarding we were in the top of the ship with the great views and clean refreshing air in your face, it was just wonderful.

At first it was hard together a good nights sleep but before long I got used to it, in fact I even started to prefer it. Not too long into the journey me and my wife had an argument in fact I can't even remember what it was about. Anyway I stormed away and met this girl, Elizabeth,I think her name was. She was beautiful and I started to spend a lot of time with her. The only bad thing was that after a while in each other's company I realised that she wasn't supposed to be on the top tiers of the ship, she was a lower class citizen who had been stealing from us more privileged passengers. I instantly flew into rage realising that I had been used, betrayed. I didn't mean to but I was I angry, I pushed her. I pushed her overboard, I heard her screams and they are stuck in my head even to this day. I killed her.

I went into hiding not speaking to anyone in fact the last time I saw my family was when I argued with them. Days of sneaking out to eat and being on edge were finally over. I'm one night I was sat in the dark worrying whether to go and find my family or not when the ship crashed into something. I was thrown into the wall braking my back,paralysing me forever. When water started rushing into the room all I could think was that this is the end. This is how I die. I just hoped my family made it out alive because even with all that happened on that voyage I still loved them. I was scared but when I heard a scream I knew it instantly, it was my son crying out my name but I was on the floor water flowing into my mouth so I was unable to speak to tell him to run. So I cringed onto the door which had been knocked down because I knew it would float me above the water but by the time I could speak his cries had died out. He was gone,forever. Eventually the screams died down and I knew that they were all dead so I paddled my self outside on the door and desperately searched for my family. And there they were,they died holding each other out of fright, out of love. I survived by hiding away but I should have died with my family that day. Instead I was dragged onto a lifeboat and taken to safety. All i could think about was if I didn't kill Elizabeth I would be dead ,I killed just to stay alive. I didn't know it at the time but I did. The titanic was the unsinkable ship. Look how that worked out.


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