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Tree-(Homeage) 2

Updated on June 18, 2013

Whispers (2)

Oh dear beauty

now that youve gone

the memories linger

of the beauty you bestowed

now the traffic whizzes by

roads leading everywhere

to get us away

from this once beautiful spot

where I used to play.

Walking one day on the side of the road

I found a small acorn

and planted it in a small piece of land

a now a tall beauty

here does stand

as time moved on

and the seasons passed by

the people looked up

with a tear in their


and saw this grand tree

reach to the sky

acorns that fell

from this grand giant

were planted all around

as far as could be

as their shoots came through

to get daylight

the concrete around

did crumble and crack

and the tall grey monsters

fell to the ground

and people all over

their joy did


as seasons fled by

and years did pass

the tree still there

and more amass

© C.Barnes 2013


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