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A Tribute To All Of My Band-Aids

Updated on January 10, 2010

Perhaps my brain cells are
simply committing suicide.
Endlessly jumping out from

the cathedral of my skull,
arcing downward at high speeds
like lightening bolts of thought,
discharging in electrical synapses.

All of that power generating
movement in my fingers,
as light bulbs go off over my head,
with enough power to light Vegas.

Causing me to write ten trillion
variations on the alphabet proper.
Striving to set the gears
in others souls turning
with the friction of my diction,
the manifestation of alliteration,
and the distillation of pure thought.

What was bottled up inside me,
now spills in tiny squiggles,
lines and dashes
across my thirsty scratch pad.
Poetic psoriasis I suppose.

Perhaps a daily I.V. of India ink
would serve me better,
it's cholesterol free,
and it could be manifested,
even in my tears

falling upon the page.


Magically becoming works of he-art.
It would create a commonality
whenever I seize the keys and take flight
on an ink jet to the Islands of muse.

A perfect joining between

my fingertips swollen with
the pigment of writers

and the cargo that is daily

unloaded from my P.C. Airlines.

I used to bleed lead, over war,
much like the boys in combat
were bled by lead.
Yellow No#. two pencils
would stencil my sorrows
in treasured journals,
carried everywhere,
lest a thought get by me.

I have carpal tunnel

syndrome in my left hip,
from the thickness of notebooks
stretching my back pocket.

Now I am a modern man,
poet of the twenty-first century.
Is it not time hard wire my brain
in a direct feed to the mother board.

Just let my thoughts
be pixeled and instantly decoded
from my mind to the monitor
as I sit with eyes closed
and simply meditate

on my latest work.

Alas we must bleed for our pittance,
as we study the suffering of others,
and feel envy at joys greater then our own.

We must know the passion

of love that is beyond words,
and the fiery angst that consumes all hope.
We carry the burdens of the world
in our very souls, and then lighten our hearts
by offering a condensed, digestible,
retelling in poetic form.

Writing is addictive,
It is a sickness of bliss,
and I hope it kills me.
Let them find my bones,
in some small studio enclosure,
fingers still pressed on my last word.

Let that final page astound them,
with ramblings that

all the world will cherish
winning a no-bull prize,
and setting my place

among the greats
for all of time.

Until then I bleed....
and my only band-aids are you,
my readers, my healing.



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