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A web of lies, admirable or disgusting

Updated on February 5, 2012

A choice

Have you ever found yourself put in a predicament where you had to stretch the truth even a little to maybe not offend someones feelings or maybe to not hurt yourself in the long run. Even if you did stretch the truth a little you still in some manner told a lie. Do you feel yourself saying right now, I have never told a lie it is deceitful. Well you just told one and you did not even realize it. Much to my admiration I can not say that I have never told a lie, for I have told lies not only to save myself in a predicament but maybe to not fault someone else in exposing their secrets. For it is not for me to subject myself to expose another persons business, that is for them to decide in their own path. Well we all know the saying : If you tell one lie, then you must tell another in its path, thus creating a web of lies. This is incorrect. It starts with the person and their own perception on how they develop their web of lies. We all know that after you untangle a web of lies, there is some truth that is hidden beneath its sticky trap.


What is so good about it ?

Really nothing ever good can come from a lie. You may get the satisfaction for a moment, then again you begin to look at yourself in a different way. Also if exposed you now are seen as a person who is fake or pathological unable to face their own reality. I find myself using my imagination to its fullest as I create scenarios that are unrealistic or false. Not for devious reason, but rather allowing my imagination to takes its true potential in allowing me to cope from daily reality. Is that also not a lie? It never harmed anyone. No one will ever know of it unless I myself make it known to a group of people. It is still a lie, something that is not within grasp of my own sanity. Are movies and reality shows not a lie. You watch a movie regardless its content pertaining to a true life event, but it is still a lie. The actors and actresses are a lie they are only portraying a past event, that we all know has some truth to it, but unless they actually endure the experience it is still misconception. Then again it makes for a great t.v time, a false hope that allows you to leave your reality and enter one that maybe you find better or more exciting.

truth shall set you free, even if it is a lie

It is funny it is not the lie that makes you a bad person, but what you do after to make it your own reality that matters the most. If you act on it and maybe make the lie a truth, then you have bended the web of lies and begin to untangle what you have created. If you choose to keep the insanity going then yes you are at default for being cowardly, but if you choose to take action then the rules change. Yes you may have told the lie, but you also found away in yourself to make that lie a reality. So who would you dislike more? Someone who tells lies then creates more to fill its tracks? Or someone who told a lie then found a way to make the lie a truth? All in all it is better just to keep your mouth shut. If you have nothing to say at the moment that has no truth to its background, then you should just say nothing at all. It is better to be the fly that lives its true lifespan then it is to be the fly that gets caught in its own web of lies.


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