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A wedding story

Updated on November 21, 2011
The mansion on a sunny day
The mansion on a sunny day

A true story, can you guess who Fran is before the end?

Fran was not invited

To the wedding

But she came anyway

After all

Her sister Agnes

Had attended my birth

So why should we all

Be so surprised

With another stormy visit?

We heard the news

Just a few days before

Her arrival at our door.

“Fran is on her way

Up the coast

Everyone take cover!”

We hoped she would go

Somewhere else

And spare us of her trouble.

But It was not to be

There was no doubt

Fran was not deterred

She was determined to come

She would not be late

My wedding would be ruined

Alarm set in

And worry reigned

What were we to do?

A stubborn bride,

I would not change

My plans for anyone.

My mother begged

My sister cried,

The in-laws shook their heads.

It was my dream

And I stood firm

The wedding would go on.

Without a change

In time or place

No matter what they said.

It would be outside

On the Mansion lawn

With the river flowing by

A beautiful place

Where I grew up

And played most every day

The chairs were set

The carpet rolled

And everything in place

For I had prayed

And I had faith

That all would be ok.

After all

What bride wants

To change her wedding day?

So on came Fran

With wind and rain

A full blown hurricane

Rehearsal day

We’re on the porch

Wondering what to do

To our surprise

The downpour stopped

Just when we were to begin

With a glance and a laugh

Of disbelief

We practiced at lightning speed

Rehearsal over

It begins again

We barely get inside.

All through the night

The wind howled and moaned

A deluge on my window

Morning came

It’s dark and grey

No weather for a wedding

But I have hope

The torrent slows

To a calm and steady drizzle

The guests arrive

The rain has stopped

The grass is windblown dry

All are amazed

There’s no rain here

This is the only spot

Where nature seems

To take a rest

To sit and watch a wedding

A day of memories

A moment of awe

Two lives entwined forever

A critical moment

The candle won’t light

The sun breaks through the clouds

The promise is sealed

With a kiss and a cheer

There’s not a dry eye in sight

Then little girls dance

The music is played

And everyone has a grand time

The hot air balloon goes up

The wind is to strong

We won’t be leaving this way!

Hop in the car

And drive into life

The showers begin again

But in our hearts it is sunny

Exciting and new

A happy beginning waits

Now no bride wants

A thunderstorm

Or clouds to mar her day

But garden nuptials

During hurricane Fran

Is something few can boast

It’s a grand adventure

A wild ride

A miracle to be sure

But most of all

It’s a gift from God

Who loves without condition

He loves you too

All your bad and your good

He longs to be your friend

So come to him

He’s a prayer away

Waiting to hear from you

Yes, this is a true story! I really did have an outdoor wedding in the middle of Hurricane Fran. Although it was downgraded to a tropical storm that night. Not many hurricanes and tropical storms make it up to our area of Pennsylvania. We are a too far north and west for most of them so it is a rare occurrence. However I still managed to be born during Hurricane Agnes, which was probably the most destructive to ever hit, and married during Fran, which wasn’t as big but exciting nonetheless. There were guests who didn’t attend because of the storm and it took a lot of the men in attendance to keep the hot air balloon from blowing off. But in the end it was a perfect day.


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