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A writing challenge: The door to nowhere: By Bill Holland-AKA Billybuc

Updated on April 27, 2020
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I am a writer of poetry and fiction. I especially love flash fiction. My name is Ruby, and I live in Southern Illinois. I am a retired R.N.


There's nothing they wouldn't do for each other ' cos that's what friends are for.

A writing challenge: The door to nowhere. By Bill Holland AKA Billybuc

The alley below the apartment building was stewn with debris and dumptsters, rats and homeless people.

Was it only yesrerday?

Yesterday, when I was young and beautiful, so full of hope, vim and vigor

Today I'm dining out of a dumptster, holding a 57 magnum in my hand, oh so ready to pull the trigger

Once I stood tall against the turbulent storms that erupted unexpectedly in my safe and blissful haven

Today when the clouds bellow and rain begins to fall. I cry silent tears, remembering a time when my home was like God's refuge, known as heaven

A suburban home, a family, a good job, now my home is this alley behind the sleazy apartments up above

My worldly possessions piled high in a Walmart cart, dirty laundry, no keepsakes, void of memories or humanely love

I'm only one of many who gather here most every night

My story is familiar, my home gone with the wind, children left the nest and hubby decided he wanted to test the waters to see the bright city lights

There's Joe the drifter, scarred from boxing for his nightly fix

Eyesight fading, needing more and more poison to execute his knockout mix

There's Marge who works daily for her boss man, the pimp

This alley, her bedroom, an old mattress tossed, served it's purpose, earning a few bucks on her back, but still she must scrimp

You see Marge needs crack to function through the repetitious long days and nights

Her beauty fading fast. What will happen when the Johns look for someone younger who can pretend exciting joy, when in reality they curse the acts they perform, esp. the rough, playful slaps that invariably leads to hurtful fights

There's Granny Flo who diligently works the streets, begging for pocket change

Once she talked about her home, her family, her church, you know, the good life as a farmer's wife on a ranch with acres of free cattle range

One day she lost it all in the wink of the Devil's eye, home destroyed by fire, all perished before she returned from an old camp meeting that had lasted six long days

She cursed God repeatedly whilst in her daily drunken haze

There's Pete with his trusted, faithful friend Sparks. They've been together since his discharge from the military. He's afraid of noise, an auto backfire sends him screaming, looking for a safe place to hide

He's on medication for PTSD issued by the government, but he's antisocial preferring to sleep on the street with old Sparks laying by his side

This dirty alley is a lonely place, but a home to the misfits, the lonely, the drunks, the druggers, and the low class whore

There's nothing they wouldn't do to help each other ' cos that's what friends are for.


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