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A Written Pattern to Motivate Your Life

Updated on November 24, 2019
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Each individual may at some or the other point in life may feel down. Read articles to gain help.

Read at Your Own Risk

Let It Go

Let it go!

Sobbing she was!!! Not showing her watery eyes to anyone. Trying to stay lively and fun-loving, cherishing every moment of her sister’s wedding. She never wanted anyone would ask her many questions as to why her husband did not come with her. All she was doing is to pretend that she is happy that her sister is getting married but none knew what was going on helplessly in her mind.

Sabrina never wanted things to happen this way. She was super excited to attend the marriage ceremony of her only sister Dina.

On the proposal day of Dina, Sabrina was abroad living peacefully with her husband. The bell rang Sabrina rushed to attend the phone so abruptly speaking she asked, “is the proposal final”.

And the answer was yes, and along with that, there was news too that your sister is getting married this weekend.

Her mouth kept wide open with all the awe and uncertainty. How come she is going to manage traveling with two kids and what about the funds for the tickets and other expenses at the wedding?

Her brother said,” we have arranged for the tickets, you are coming this weekend”.

Sabrina’s husband who was kind of an egoistic man said, “We don’t need help in this matter. I will manage to send my family to the marriage ceremony if I can, else there is no point in going to attend the ceremony”.

There was a river of emotions in Sabrina’s heart as her mother even said,” Your husband is such an egoistic man! You live with him and forget us forever. If you are not going to come it is ok with us. We still will have the function on the decided date. You need not to come or talk to us as your husband is as impolite and rude to us as not accepting the offer to get money from us to pay for the tickets.”

Why on Earth she is deprived of not getting in touch with her mother. Sabrina kept lying on her bed for hours thinking what had just happened, was it such a big deal as if her husband did not accept the offer to get funding for the tickets to her mum's place.

She cried day in and day out, her swollen eyes always used to tell her husband the stories that she can’t even sleep in the night. Her husband tried to console her that don’t you worry things are going to be in your favor but it was all fruitless as Sabrina was becoming a depression patient as no one among her siblings was calling or even replying to her text. Even her mother who was not a stepmother even she stranded Sabrina out. Sabrina got peace nowhere.

What she would do? She thought for hours that was her decision to stand by her husband’s dignity was not welcoming to her mother? What her mother wanted was only the money impact. She wanted Sabrina’s husband to feel down that he even can’t afford her daughter's expenses but this time Sabrina was not standing with her mother as she knew that her husband has supported her morally and emotionally everywhere and he is a loving husband and a caring father.

Sabrina felt helpless as it hadn’t happened ever that her sister Dina had not called her for two straight days. There was no phone call no texts from her family. Sabrina started taking depression relieving pills.

Those pills only worked till the time the pill released its effect. Right after that, she started feeling low again. She was wandering on the internet where she came to know about some mental health help. She talked to the lady there and she offered a trial session with her.

With three straight sessions, Sabrina learned to gobble up things as they are and the art of living with the flow or let the thing go as they need to go!!!

On the fourth day as her husband came home from the office, he had an envelope of tickets to her mother’s place. “You are going to attend your sister's marriage ceremony”, Sabrina’s husband said. I can afford my family to attend the function. Now you stop crying my love and happily attend Dina’s marriage with all pride because your husband can afford the tickets.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Beenish Razzaq


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