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A Boy's Wish

Updated on June 14, 2013


Peacefully, a dove soared into the

heavens. An old rocking chair, worn

from years of neglect, sat in the

shadows of a dusty porch. A curious

young boy rushed onto the porch,

banging loudly upon the weather-beaten


“Grandma! Grandma!” A rustling

could be heard in the background.

Slowly, the door opened.

“Child, you coulda sent me to my

grave. No need to make such a


“Come out, Grandma.”

“I am, dear.” With ancient bones, the

woman trudged to her rocker, the boy

helping her sit.

“Isn’t it a beautiful day, Grandma?”

“ Yes, “she said, smugly smiling to

herself and rocking in her chair.

“Beautiful.” The boy sat on the floor in

front of her, peering into her wrinkled

face. Gazing into the distance, she

pulled her shawl tighter around herself.

“Grandma?” the boy questioned,


“Yes, dear.”

“I love you.” She lovingly looked down

into his tender face.

“I love you too, honey.”

“Grandma, whatcha thinking’ ‘bout?”

“Oh, about my husband.” She

paused, looking deeper into the distance.

“ I was once beautiful a long time ago.”

“I think you’re beautiful, now,

Grandma. The beautifulest lady I know

next to Ma, of course.” She chuckled in


“Thank you very much, honey.” she


“Grandma, I never saw your

husband. You think you could tell me

‘bout him?”

“Honey, I don’t think--”

“It’s okay, I won’t tell no one. It’ll be

our secret.”

“Honey, I--”

Please?” he begged. Smiling, she

gave in to the boy. The boy listened


“Oh, all right.” She swallowed. “My

husband was a great, strong man,” she

said, a reflective look in her eyes. “We

were young when we were married. He

told me that he’d be there forever. Forever.

We weren’t rich but he always made

sure we were never in want of anything.

The kids always came first no matter

what. He was my knight, my hero.

“One day, he left us. He said he had

joined the Marines and that he’d return

for me. Years passed and I had to raise

the kids all by myself. I loved him. In

fact, I still do. My heart broke when I

heard he had died in action. Now, he’d

never come back. He was a good man.

A very good man.” She held tears in her


“Grandma, today I’m gonna wish that

he comes back to you.”

“That’s not possible, honey.”

“But Ma says anything’s possible if

you believe so I’m gonna wish so hard

and believe so it can come true.”

“But, hon--”

“Bye, Grandma.” the boy said,

quickly kissing her cheek and racing

from the porch.”

“Oh, that boy.” she said, leaning back

into her rocker. Shortly, she drifted into

a deep sleep.

* * * * *

“Darling,” a male voice called.

Instantly, the woman awakened.

“Darling, I’ve come back for you.” She

couldn’t speak. A man stepped onto the

porch, his face clearly visible in the

evening light. He laughed.

“Always played hard to get.” he

joked. Afraid of thinking it all a dream,

the woman tried to stand but fell back

into her rocker.

“It’s all right, “ he said, holding her

hands and lifting her to her feet. “I told

you I’d always be there for you.”

“My husband.” the woman

whispered, falling into his warm,

comforting arms.


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