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A Childrens Adventure

Updated on August 31, 2013


As my children do prepare, For a glorious day, Filled with sunshine clouds like pillows, And breezes as they do sing.

The chill is finally over, And they wish to spread their wings. So out they go for a grand adventure, Hearts like rabbits beating.

They go and check the weather, And dress the way they feel. Free for movement fully prepared, Minds turn like ferris wheels.

They pack their bags and out they go, To play with all their things. With dreams of cowboys and Indians, And all other imaginings.

And as they ride their Hobby Horse, Together they do find. There are unlikely hero's, Playing in their minds.

Once their destination reached, And their query indeed finding. They return to find more treasures, Things inside they'd left behind.

Amongst the growing grass so high, Taking care amongst the brambles. They hide their treasures later to find, Clothes all in a shambles.

So many adventures to be had, And only so many hours in a day. At times it lasts a lifetime, So the eyes of children say.

Oh the wonder of a child, Their imaginations soar. If I could have so much fun to find, I would Never become bored.

Kari Shinal Copyright March 2, 2008

© 2013 Kari Shinal


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