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Updated on January 30, 2020

B.O.B.- So Good

Agape Love: (

ä-gä-pâ - n. 1. Christianity

a. Love as revealed in Jesus, seen as spiritual and selfless and a model for humanity.

Aim For Stars


**Live your life Transcendently

Don’t defer to hope and chance

I will advance con-fi-dently

My Soul shines through all Circumstance

Focus-ing on Things Above

Broken chains and mangled bars

Breaking free, pursue your Love

As for me, I’ll Aim For Stars!”

As for me, I’ll Aim For Stars!

As for me, I’ll Aim For #, #, #.....


Chillin down in Cabo (uhh!) swimmin up to the bar (uhh!)

2 Coronas, all-inclusive, (si) then over to where the women all are (uhuh)

3 bronzed, oiled señoritas (mmm!), any of ‘em could park my car (uhuh)

2 of ‘em probably keepers (eh?) but as for me, I Aim For Stars (yup)

A proportionate dirty-blonde dime, (a 10) a sparkling twinkle in her eyes

C’mon Daniel, get it together (dude)- hype the charisma, hypnotize

She says “Hey! Aren't you that author? (huh?) Honey you changed my life!”

Here’s a Corona, I wanna know ya, baby, maybe you’ll be my wife!

28 and unattached, (check) a graduate of Michigan

Some modeling in her past, (check) a doctorate in medicine

Independently wealthy, with noble ambitions to be a counselor

"Baby you’ve got it all and more- what the world are you waitin’ for?"

“Daniel, maybe you- gimme 10 minutes- meet me in 208

Bluntly, we'll get to know each other, (shhh) maybe we'll even procreate!

But, I’m a dreamer, so beware (oh?) I've been told I Aim for Stars” (oh yeah!)

Paradise in 208, (uhhh) her name is Joy her game is bliss

Her pleasure my desire (yes)- Her sensual touch my only wish

The next week a Utopia (ooh!)- Every sense absorbed in a kiss

^^But all good things screech to a halt- right?^^

Flip up a laptop- dig my own grave- book her a flight

Joy, my love……… where in the world ya wanna go?

“Daniel, I'm yours....... let's Aim For Stars, carry me home” (Oh Yeah!!)

Anywhere, anytime, anyhow, anyway

As for me- I’ll Aim 4 Stars!

(As for me- I’ll Aim 4 Stars!)

Hoppin' on the celly, "hello Papi, fuel up the Bombardier

Found my "it" girl, Cabo's too stressful, it's time for a little getaway"

My private soarin' through the clouds, my sweet Joy cuddled up in my lap

"Where ya wanna be baby? (anywhere) Anywhere on the map"

My casa in Casablanca, or my Venetian out in Italy?

Far overseas out to Fiji, see the Palermo out in Sicily?

Go see the palm trees in Palm Springs, or the bright lights of New York City?

If you're feelin' Chinese- The Great Wall, or even Bonita Springs? It's pret--"

--“Honey, you already got me, I already know this is your world

I just wanna go back to Michigan, meet your your girl"

Classy yet down to Earth, (check) modest but, oh, so fine (check plus)

Intelligent 'n' totally loyal (check) this sweet Joy is forever mine (yup!)

Confident independence, but kinda clingy just the right amount

Believer of Jesus Christ- et al.- too many qualities to count (love)

3 months pass so fast, now we're settled down in San Diego

I need this Joy forever- much more than she can ever know

"Honey, let's pedal our pedal bikes, to our favorite spot at the bend in the river"

Like I said- the girl's already got it all, and even more when we are together

In my pocket all I got is a lollipop ring- that ain't the only thing I'm gonna give her

"I love you, Joy, you're my everything" Drop to a knee, give her the ring

"I know that it isn't too much, but this promise is all that I have left:

Joy, I promise Agape love, I will Love You forever- even life after death"

Anywhere, anytime, anyhow, anyway

As for me- I’ll Aim 4 Stars!

(As for me- I’ll Aim 4 Stars!)

This much I’ve gathered from Aiming for Stars (what?) Once in a blue moon you'll grab one

Never give up on your Aiming (why?) 'Cause you never know which one's that one (oh)

Joy and I are Blessed beyond measure- to an extent that you'd hafta FEEL to believe!

We're pondering a bambino, but ya win on the practice field- really no rush to conceive

How did I live without Joy? (how?) she’s the equation that makes me, me

Could it be Joy that is my purpose in life? For Heaven’s sake- "Ouí, ouí "

I'll always Aim for the Stars- but now I can let what will be, be

With Joy, everything’s ea-sy- from films, to books, to album productions

From my Philanthropies with my charities- To my Politics and my Ministries

Yesterday I was crowned the King- of the entire human race (damn!)

Get this: even the Illuminati- bent their knee, lowered their face (shiiit!)

Guess what Joy?: That makes you the Queen (Queen Joy) Queen over everything

God's entire Creation is wrapped 'round you finger- allegedly even this King

In general, dudes don't even chase dimes, ‘cause ya already know that you'll lose 'em

The most beautiful angels choose the douchiest dudes- but she's not his 'less she chose him

I have no such paranoia with Queen Joy- although she's the most stunning of all

She makes me- and I make her too (yes)- All and all, we're a "socket and ball"! (hot)

My Queen Joy has dried my tears, and kissed away my yesterday

In the arms of Royalty, my soul controls my destiny- let be, let be!!!


**Live your life Transcendently

Don’t defer to hope and chance

I will advance con-fi-dently

My Soul shines through all Circumstance

Focus-ing on Things Above

Broken chains and mangled bars

Breaking free, pursue your Love

As for me, I’ll Aim For Stars!”

As for me, I’ll Aim For Stars!

As for me, I'll Aim.... For..... STARS!!!



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    • create a page profile image

      create a page 

      11 years ago from Maryland, USA

      I encourage you to continue to aim for the stars aim4strz. I am not into Hip Hop or Hard Rock, but the great thing about writing is that you can attract others who like both forms of music.


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