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Updated on July 15, 2015

Everything about my family was great, we have everything and above all peace and harmony then the birth of my second son Anderson cemented the joy we have in the family. Anderson has four older siblings who loves him so much.

We all looked forward to his first day in school because we have this tradition as a family; every first school day is celebrated by eating out and my wife is the chief as we term it, she selects where the eating always take place.

Three months Anderson was full of life as if he knew what awaits him because each siblings selects a gift which must be bought, his immediate older sister, got a car courtesy of the eldest amongst them.

I was getting ready for work and my mother in-law who came to help out was bathing Anderson then she noticed something which spoilt the day. Anderson doesn't blink although no one expects him to see at three months but there was this greenish colour in his eyes.

A proper check showed that his eyes were green and he has a yellow retina. The only we could do was to take him to the doctor who also began worried because it was not normal so he decoded to run series of test on him.

All the test done on him didn't lead us to anywhere then the Doctor advised that we observe him until he is about six months. The time we patiently wait for him to clock six months was filled with anxiety because as he grew, his eyes greenish colour became more visible and we also observed that he doesn't move his left leg.

A close family member suggested that we see a priest. Seeing the priest led us from one church to the other then from one hospital to another because at six months, Anderson wasn't fully developed but his fingers were still like that of a new born and there was a growth on his head.

Infact he wasn't a normal child but the problem was to determine which condition he suffered because all the tests ran on him proved nothing. Anderson's condition disturbed everyone and his siblings were not left out as they always wanted to stay near him.

He usually gave out a striking smile whenever he was touched by any of them. We travelled to India in search of solution but met a dead road then met a specialist in Russia yet nothing was determined rather the American doctor told us that he might not live utpo two years.

We spent so much in our quest to get him help and my wife devoted all her time to care for him because he couldn't eat like a normal child,a tube was inserted into his system through an opening on his neck to pass food and the food he ate was specially prepared.

We were advised never to feed him anything except peanut butter mixed with coconut oil and blended avocado. A day came and i decided to end his suffering so i added a poisonous substance in his food. I watched him as the food passed through the tube and went down his system.

After few minutes i saw his tiny eyes shut. I wasn't happy but i had to do what i did because he was never going to grow a normal child and would even die before before his second birthday, taking care of him cost more than taking care of his three siblings.

His medications are not commonly found so anyone as confused and disturbed as i was would do the same thing. I watched him bent his head and took what would be a last breath before vomiting then began stretching himself,it was a sign of death and tears began rolling down my eyes because i never wanted a painful death.

I knew that my son was in pain. I wanted to confess to my wife but found no word. Anderson vomited and wet himself then i noticed that he had seizure which to me was the end of him but he remained still and kept breathing rapidly as tears rolled down from my eyes.

His mother tried to resuscitate him,then he began foaming and all of a sudden began to cry. She removed his dress and began cleaning his body with warm water. Two hours passed and he was still breathing, the poison was a fast killer and was suppose to finish him in less than 10min.

A day passed and two, three, a week and he was still alive then we noticed that his eyes colour changed and he began showing signs of sight. He could turn away from light. What happened during this period was that we realized that feeding him with the tube discomforts him so his mother tried to feed him through the mouth.

He began eating food like a normal child to the surprise of everyone and we tried feeing him varieties of food, Anderson began showing signs of life and began adding and stretching. I don't know what to believe but its been five years since i tried to kill my son but the poison i gave him apparently healed him of his deformity,i later told my wife what i did when it became obvious that our son Anderson Copper was growing a normal child.

Sometimes the wrong we do turns out to be the best thing we could do to salvage a situation,imagine if i hadn't poisoned him,he wouldn't have been healed but what if that poison had killed him? Well the truth is that the poison was meant to cure him because it was my own formula. I mixed chilled H2o, Vitamin C, Ciprofloxacin Codeine, Ginger and Peanut root to develop my own poison but ended up developing the right medicine for an unknown illness.


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 2 years ago from Biafra

      Thank you for your time, appreciate it...

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Oh I see...thank you for explaining......and now that I know this is fiction, I feel much better. Very intriguing!

    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 2 years ago from Biafra

      That's the twist in the story, 4 older siblings, that's quadruplet ( 3 girls and 1 boy) see why Anderson is the second son. Nevertheless, fpherj48, this is fiction. Thanks for reading.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Chibuzu.....I'm hoping this is fiction. I'm also confused. If Anderson was your second born, how did he have 4 older siblings?

      Interesting tale. I'm a curious person.