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Updated on March 20, 2011



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Spring has come with many~

 Unique features~

First the warm air that heatedly melts~

 The winter from hell~

As the rain that pours~

 Cuts out a dell.


Spring comes with added new creatures~

As the chilled birds still come to the feeder.


The cardinal so vibrant~

 And big~

Still teeters himself~

On the narrow rim~

 As he eats.

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There comes the cute squirrel~

 Who if you do not leave food on~

 The ground~

He does acrobatic tricks~

 To find what he has found.


Next it is the opossum~

 Whom all winter kept warm under the porch~

He eats furiously like an elf~

 That does it for sport.


I am shocked when the wild turkey~

 As huge as he is~

Pecks away at the frosted seed~

His mate awaits him~

 In the field a miss.

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The morning doves~

 With grey feathers~

 A couple forever~

Rub each other~

 Cooing together.


The bobcat foot prints~

 Once only a track~

 Laid in the snow~

Now he is seen with his fur coat~

 On the go.


Even though melting~

There is still more~

 Snow from hell to subside~

Yet the sun now is more vibrant~

 So we are more apt to go~

 Venturing outside.

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Chipmunks now come from hibernation~

A tell tale sign that winter has ended.


Soon the make shift streams~

 From the melted snow will also subside~

They will trickle to their end~

 And the spots will be dry.


Shortly there will be bears~


They will be meandering through~

 Our yards grassy clearing.


The bunnies are out with their fluff tales~

 A running~

The deer will before long~

 Be spiritedly mating.


It was the winter from hell~

Sure enough~

On all living beings it certainly~

 Was ruff.


The winter from hell~

Kept the coyotes a crying~

For food was scarce to nil~

Now hopeful they are more quite~

As the springtime~

 Is more comforting for their diet.


Now we hear the Canadian Geese~


Now the breeze~

Is not so freezing.


Oh how we welcome the spring replacing~

The winter from hell!

Oh how we are so grateful for Mother Nature~

To finally ring the spring time bell!


Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv

CopyRight3/20 /2011@LisaLuvLLC



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