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Updated on February 12, 2011

A short Love Story

A self made millionaire Parker Conner had everything any man could want except for a true love. His childhood was not ideal to say the least. With an alcoholic father and a mother that covered the family problems up using Parker as the escape goat, claiming him to be an incorrigible troubled child it was hell for Parker. Parker was not truly born into this family because he was adopted, and even though so many wonderful people do adopt and have flourishing relationships with their children, this was not the case for poor Parker.

By thirteen Parker had run away from home several times and even once tried to commit suicide, but no one caught onto his cries for help because of his parents. Parker’s parents were very prestigious working both as college professors, and did a very good job of detouring their problems on to Parker portraying him as unstable.

Luckily Parker was a gifted child and that is one thing that kept saving his skin as he was in and out of juvenile lock up until he was eighteen years old, when finally some smart state worker as a final point listened clearly to what Parker had to say.

Parker was released on his own with minimal help from the state to get on his feet, and that is when he purchased his first guitar for ten dollars on the streets of New York City.

Being a gifted child it was easy for Parker to pick up anything and conquer it with excellence, and that is exactly what he did with that guitar. Parker started by playing and singing on street corners with an open case for donations. With those donations he was able to make a lucrative living, until one day he was discovered for his singing by a renowned music agent; who (to make the story short) foisted Parker into stardom!

Now at the height of his career Parker was set for life, owning several mansions and what seemed to be an endless bank account. Parker turned out not only to be successful, but in spite of his family background he was a straight and narrow guy, you might even go as far as saying he was a health fanatic.

Parker was a very good looking guy with sandy blonde hair with bleached high lights which he now wore in a short spiked style. About six foot one Parker handled his body with finesse which he attributed to his exercise by choice in martial arts. Parker had electric blue eyes, big white teeth, and a slight dappling of freckles on his light skinned face. You could find Parker dressed in all sorts of clothes but today he was going casual with white sneakers, comfortable faded blue jeans and a pink polo shirt, because today he was just hanging out at his home in New Jersey.



Alice a perky brunette one of Parker’s maids was just bringing him out an ice tea. It was a hot summers day and Parker was lying in the back yard’s string hammock just thinking as he often did.  Oh sure Parker had oodles of hobbies or activities he could be doing being semi retired now from going on the road for concerts, but he just felt they were mostly pointless and hollow lately with no lover to share them with.  However again there was only so much lying around doing nothing he could do so Parker decided to take a walk down the road.


First there was a long driveway to his mansion he had to walk before he could even make it to his road.  Fortunately there was a cooling breeze blowing as he walked stalwartly on his lengthy driveway.  He finally reached the road and pondered which direction to turn when his eyes saw a young lady bicycler broken down on the side of the road’s shoulder.  Generally Parker would mind his own business, but it was such a hot day and the woman looked so perplexed with her front wheel off her bike mangled into a lop-sided sphere.  Parker slowly started walking in her direction and could see clearly now she was a very attractive woman with tussled strawberry blonde hair and a beat reddish pink face to match from the heat.


As Parker grew closer he shouted out “ahoy there!” “could you use some help?”  As parker ventured nearer to the biker she recognized him immediately as Parker Conner; him having to be one of her favorite singers! Now Jessie felt her face turn redder than she had ever thought possible. 


Jessica Hall was a klutz when it came to dealing with men, for that matter with people in general she felt uncomfortable. This is one of the reasons Jessie often would be found riding her bike in her spare time all alone because of her awkwardness around people.  Now of all people she found herself being approached by was Parker Conner himself!  Could Jess even find the words to greet him back? 


There was no reason for Jessie to be uncomfortable around people, after all she was very well bred, and from a very wholesome conservative family, as well she was a natural beauty even though she did not believe it herself and was very self conscious.  Jessie stood upright stretching out her five foot seven frame that showed off her athletic yet voluptuous body.  Finally Jessie felt a smile come to her lips and the greeting of “ahoy there” come out.


Parker said “It looks like you are having some problems there?”

It took Jessie a while, what actually seemed like forever to come up with the answer “yes”.


It was evident that the wheel Jessie was holding could not be fixed right than and there.   She explained to Parker how she was avoiding a turtle finishing his crossing of the road and accidentally went off the shoulder hitting a large rock.  It wasn’t until than did Parker realize that this girl might not only have a broken bike but could actually be hurt as well.  That is when he skimmed his eyes up and down the beautiful body that was standing now in front of him and noticed the large gash just under her right knee.  It also looked like this cut could be a serious injury.  Parker wouldn’t take no for an answer and quite frankly Jessie wasn’t feeling good enough to refuse his help because now she was starting to feel the pain and starting to get a little woozy.


Parker at this point never going any where with out his cell phone called for his driver to bring up his car to their location. Along with the bike everyone loaded into Parkers Land Cruiser and it didn’t take but minutes for it to pull in front of Parker’s home.  Parker was helping Jessie out of the car when she felt faint and basically collapsed into Parkers arms.   Fitz Parker’s driver helped carry Jessie to an outside lounge and immediately applied cool clothes to her head.  Jessie felt nauseas and knew she couldn’t stand because at this point her leg was throbbing with pain.  Fitz called nine-one-one and before you knew it there was an ambulance taking Jessie away. 


Parker was beside himself with concern for the young girl.  He had Fitz take her bike to a local bike shop to be repaired and he himself went directly behind the ambulance to see if there was anything more he could do for her.


At the hospital it was found that Jessie had chipped her shin bone and a short cast was put on her eventually.  Parker helped her call her parents before he left.


Jessie’s parents picked her up and brought her home to their house where she still resided.  Only a day went by when a bouquet of daisies arrived from Parker Conner, but Jessie was too sedated to really appreciate the sentiment at that point.  Parker was so concerned he even called and talked to Jessie’s mother who filled him in on Jess’s condition.  Two days later Jessie’s bike was delivered to her all fixed, but still at this point Jessie was too much in la-la-land to realize how much Parker had done for her. 


It wasn’t till a week later Jessie felt well enough to be able to call Parker and thank him properly, the only problem was she didn’t have his number, and believe me when I tell you it is almost impossible to get a super stars number. 


Weeks and than two months went by before Jessie was able to get around on her own better.  She was forlorned that she couldn’t get to Parker to thank him properly but she wasn’t able to drive yet and she thought “could she just pop in to thank such a famous person?”  


In the months that went by Parker entertained himself with a few of his hobbies but no matter what he did he couldn’t get Jessie out off his mind.  For some reason not clear to himself Parker still had great concern for how Jessie was doing, and couldn’t understand why he hadn’t heard back from her? Never did it occur to Parker that Jessie couldn’t get a hold of him by phone and her injury kept her house bound.  In a few days time Parker was going to leave for a three month tour and really didn’t feel as up beat for it as usual.

By this point it appeared to both Jessie and Parker that for one reason or another they would wind up being two ships that passed in the night. 


Parker did leave for his tour and even though he was very busy and surrounded with people almost all the time, he still felt alone.  One of his crew suggested he should try internet dating under an assumed name, which Parker did try.  However every time Parker would meet a gal for a coffee date he found them to lack something or other as well most were very shallow.


After the tour originally Parker was going to go stay in his Hawaii home but secretly to himself choose to go back to his New Jersey home in hopes to catch a glimpse of Jessie.   Parker thought to himself “How silly I am” “I don’t even know hardly anything about the girl?” “She could have had a boyfriend and I wouldn’t have known?” “I must be crazy out of my mind!”


Mean while after the three months went by Jess was able to get around and allowed to drive.  By now busy with college Jess had almost forgot about thanking Parker, and thought to herself “I must be crazy to even think it would matter to a super star like Parker Conner if I said thank you or not to him?”


In the days ahead as Parker stayed at his New Jersey home he would routinely walk the length of his drive way in hopes he would for some reason miraculously find Jessie there again. Yet everyday he was disappointed to find an empty road. 


One day came and Parker decided to go into town skipping his walk.  On that same day Jessie decided to try her first run on her bike since her injury.  It was a cool brisk day but it did not matter to Jess as the sweat moistened her riding gear.  Jessie felt good and decided she could go as far as Parker Conner’s mansion and maybe get the courage to knock on the door to thank him finally for all he had done. 

Before long Jessie found herself traveling down the mansions long driveway.  All of a sudden she felt winded and out of breath, not because of her activity but from nervousness for the possibility of running again into Parker.  Jessie calmed herself as she walked to the door and rang the bell.  Alice the maid had answered it informing Jessie that Parker was not home and did not offer any information if he was even staying there or when he would return, but she did take Jessie’s info to relay to Parker.


Well readers I forgot to mention before unannounced to Parker Alice was in love with him secretly.  Parker also wasn’t aware of Alice’s evil side, and that she was capable of not giving Parker the information that Jessie had stopped by at all.  Sure enough when Parker returned home he was never given the information that Jessie was there.  He had hoped to catch a glimpse of Jessie in town but there was no sight of her seeing that at the same time Jess unannounced to him was at his home talking to deceitful Alice.


Alice intuitively had suspected Parkers yearning to meet up with Jessie again, which made her very jealous.  So jealous that she thought it was impossible to keep them forever apart and that if Alice herself couldn’t have Parker she would rather have him dead.  However Alice thought if she could just keep Parker sick enough and at home in New Jersey he would eventually fall in love with her also.

So Alice set to work doing research on a poison that would keep Parker ill enough to stay home.


It had been a week since Jessie had stopped by Parker’s house and still there was no word back from him.  Jess thought to herself that it was really not a shock “why would a man as famous as Parker Conner take the time to call her back?”  That same day is when Alice had given Parker the first dose of poison which kept him in bed with symptoms like he had the flue. 


More days went by with Parker being poisoned by Alice and at this point Parker could hardly lift his head off the pillow.  Alice however was very caring and attentive to him while he was so sick. She was so attentive and nurturing Parker was starting to see Alice as some sort of angel.  Parker was becoming more dependant and grateful for having Alice to take care of him while he was sick causing him to grow a great affection for her.  When Alice sensed the fondness Parker showed to her while he was so sick, she began to ease off the poison; After all she didn’t want him to end up in the hospital and some one catching on.


Slowly Parker recuperated with Alice’s help.  Parker was so appreciative of Alice’s aid that he asked her if when his strength was back he could take her out to dinner.


The day came Parker did take Alice out to dinner, and her cunning eventually earned her seeing Parker steady as a girl friend.  When the day eventually came that Parker asked Alice to marry him. Parker however still thought of Jessie often, but had to put the girl out of his mind seeing that she never tried to contact him.  The wedding date was set, and it was only a week away.  A private wedding was planned because Alice wanted no competition on her wedding day from other women.


Parker had to go into town for his final fitting on his new tux, he certainly was having second thoughts now about marrying Alice with the spiteful words she had been using on him since she was under so much pressure arranging the ceremony, “but after all that must be normal for a nervous bride” Parker consoled himself.


Parker decided to go think by himself in the local coffee shop; after all he was always with Alice now and didn’t have hardly any time to himself to just think.  He ordered a French vanilla coffee extra light and sweet and sat at a corner table by himself staring out the window pondering on life. 

On this same particular day Jessie had been free of her college classes and decided herself to go to the coffee shop to study there in that atmosphere.  Not realizing Parker was there she went to the opposite side of the café to sit with her lap top.  Both Jessie and Parker were in the same room and completely engrossed in their own thoughts making them totally unaware that either one was there. 

A half an hour went by and Parker had finished his coffee and was thinking he should now be getting back home.  It looked like once again Jessie and Parker would be two ships that passed in the night.


Parker stood to leave and before doing so went to put his coffee cup in the trash, and that is when he thought he recognized the strawberry blonde sitting at a near by table.   Parker thought to himself with butterflies in his stomach “could it be Jessie?” Before Parker thought twice he found himself saying to the young lady “excuse me but you look so familiar?”  However now Parker was positive that it was Jessie!  Well Jessie when seeing who it was almost fell off her chair!  She immediately explained what depths she went to contact him so she could thank him for his kindness.  While Jessie rambled on to what lengths she went to thank him, Parker became perplexed why he did not get the message that Jessie had stopped by the house?  Parker intended to run that by Alice when he arrived home.  At that same point Parker exchanged numbers with Jessie and said she could call or stop by any time she wanted to, all the time urging her to keep in touch.


Parker knew he cared for this girl Jessie, for some reason there was an excitement in him that grew every time he thought of her and seeing her this time sparked feelings he had never even imagined!

Jessie left Parker from the coffee shop like she was walking on air, even though he told her the devastating news of his up and coming marriage.


Parker could not get it off his mind that he never received the message that Jessie had stopped by that day at his home, and he was going to question Alice as soon as he got back.  Alice now was not the maid anymore and had been replaced now with a new maid Amy who was the picture of sweetness.  Amy was a wee bit homely for a woman but this was just how Alice intended to hire her staff from now on.  Alice was a very jealous woman and she intended to always keep Parker on a short leash. 

Parker found Alice picking out new drapes for the formal living room when he arrived home.  Right away he mentioned with delight how he had run into Jessie at the coffee shop.  Alice could sense the excitement in his voice and became inwardly enraged!  Parker than through out the information in a question “why Alice the day Jessie stopped by never gave him the information?”  This flustered Alice but she quickly came up with a good story on how it must had just slipped her mind because she thought the girl was a groupie and unimportant at the time.  Even though Parker was clearly miffed at the mistake he dropped the subject.  Alice distracted Parker by getting him involved with picking out the new drapes.  All the time though Alice was thinking to herself how she was going to handle this Jessie girl situation because she now was feeling her like a threat.


Only one day went by when Jessie decided to ride her bike to Parker’s; “After all he kept insisting for her to visit.” 

Jessie approached the house’s front door leaving her bike on the walk way, and rang the door bell.  To Jessie’s dismay it was Alice that once again answered the door.  However this time Alice seemed much more pleasant offering for Jessie to come into the entry way.  Alice said that Parker was picking out wine in the wine cellar and that she would lead her there.  A little hesitant Jessie followed Alice down the long basement stairs.  Jessie had never seen a stair way so long and deep nor was she expecting to see the grandness of the immense empty basement.  The basement was dimly lit but you got the feeling that it was clean and it was evident it boasted a shinny grey painted floor.  The basement did not seem too damp but certainly in both directions it seemed to stretch longer than a bowling alley.  Alice led Jessie to the west side of the basement until they came to what appeared to be a large thick wooden door.  A light came on automatically when Alice opened this door, and she had Jessie walk in first.  No sooner did Jessie walk in to the wine bunker and turn to question Alice where she should go from there to see Parker did the large thick door shut loudly behind her leaving her in complete darkness!  As a matter of fact there could have never been a darker place to be in!  It was so dark that Jessie was unsure where her own face was!  Jessie did have a sense where the door was still and turned to bang on it and call for help still confused in what just happened?  But no one would hear Jessie’s banging or cries for help because this was a sound proof room the wine was kept in, and generally these days only Alice tended the wine cellar.


On the third floor of the mansion was Parker unaware of anything that was going on.  He was up there playing around with his electric guitar.  Mean while Alice was hiding Jessie’s bike in a near by barn that was rarely used.  Alice now had to think fast for what was going to be her next plan to eliminate Jessie and subdue Parker until their wedding date.  Only the devil could know what was going to come next into Alice’s head.  Alice decided to give Parker a little bit of the poison she had before, just to make him sick enough to stay in bed.  However Alice was perplexed how to eliminate Jessie without risking some one seeing her. She decided without food and water that Jessie would starve to death in there and than she could eventually dispose of the body easier. All Alice had to do was keep everyone from the wine cellar which she thought would be an easy thing to do.


Alice took Parker a plate of food to snack on laced with the poison, than went to town to stock up with new wine so no one would think to go into the wine cellar for any reason.  While Alice was away Parker became very ill as suspected per Alice’s plan.

When Alice arrived home she had Fitz bring in the load of wine and instructed that it all be put in the kitchen. This was a horrible situation for not only Parker but more so for Jessie! 


Down In the wine cellar by now Jessie had felt around and discovered a light switch so at least she could see her surroundings.  However so far this was not as much use as she thought it would be because there were only racks with dusty wine in the room.  There was no viable escape that she could see.  It was air tight and definitely soundproof.

Alice didn’t want Parker sick for their ceremony so she thankfully for Parker’s sake only gave him one dose of the poison which he seemed to bounce back from quickly this time.


Parker decided to take a ride to town and had planned to find Jessie’s home to pop in and surprise her.  When he arrived he found the family at their wits ends worrying about a missing Jessie!  Jessie had gone off on her bike the day before and never returned home which was not a normal happening for her!  Parker decided to do anything he could to help locate Jessie, being just as worried as her family.  They started search parties out looking for Jessie or her bike.

Family and friends asked neighbors after neighbors if they had seen Jessie go by on her bike?  Finally they had found some people who thought they saw her which gave them a gist of the direction she was going.  It was than that Parker had the idea that maybe she was headed in the direction of his home.


Parker started to get a foreboding feeling.  He started to connect some thoughts together that were leery of Alice.  Parker thought what if Alice wasn’t who he thought she was? Parker pondered on all of the strange things that had happened since he met Jessie?  Parker called Fitz and asked him to start searching the grounds for any sign of Jessie he could find.  As Parker neared his home he found himself in the same place he first met Jessie on her bike broken down.  A sadness came over his body as he ventured on down the driveway to his mansion.


Meanwhile Fitz was searching the grounds and noticed some bicycle tire tracks near the walkway.   It was at that point Fitz decided to check all the buildings on the grounds.  First the garage, than the tool shed, last he went into the old barn where he did find Jessie’s bicycle!   Just about than Parker drove into find Jessie’s bike with Fitz and that is when every thing clicked making Alice a suspect in Jessie’s disappearance.  Although rather than call the police with the clues and his suspicions Parker went to confront Alice himself!



Parker found Alice in the master bed room sitting at her makeup table preening herself.  Haphazardly Parker immediately and abruptly fired out questions of accusations to Alice about the missing Jessie!  This was a grave mistake for Parker to make, not totally realizing how dangerous Alice could really be!  While Parker was shouting out questions, Alice was reaching into her vanity drawer to achieve the gun she kept in there!  The next thing Parker knew, he was being held by gun point by Alice!  Alice now feeling very trapped in her lies and deceptions was aiming to kill Parker!   While she said her last words to him is when Fitz tackled Alice and “BANG!” the gun went off! 


It was not Parker or Fitz that was harmed but Alice shot by her own gun and she died almost immediately!  As soon as both men could focus they realized they still had no clue what happened to Jessie yet!  Did Alice kill her?  Or was she being held some where?  Parker took the positive out look and ordered Fitz to call the police and form an all out search of the mansions grounds for poor Jessie.


Another evening had gone by with the search. The mansion grounds were swarming with police, their search dogs as well as family and friends all looking for Jessie.  Finally they decided to search the mansion itself and that is when one of the police dogs pointed them in the direction of the basement.  It looked like they were going to find Jessie after all, but would it be too late?  Would they find her alive?


No one could find the keys to the wine cellar!  It was locked with a large rod iron lock so special equipment had to be brought in to break it open!  Finally it was off and they opened the door to find Jessie lying on the floor!  Thank God Jessie was found to be just in a deep unconscious sleep, but still brought to the hospital as a precaution. 


Several days passed as Jessie recuperated and an intense investigation was held at Parker’s mansion and on the background of the now diseased Alice.



The investigation turned up the poison used by Alice to make Parker sick.  It also showed up a seedy background of Alice in similar circumstances.  Now all was much clearer to Parker, and his only concern was for Jessie and her well being.


My dear readers in the next weeks to come Parker pursued and wooed Jessie to the ultimate.   It came to be they were very compatible and dated for over a year’s time, until finally Parker popped the big question.


There was a huge star quality wedding that went on that is still the talk of the tabloids and in New Jersey. 


It has been many years later now where Parker and Jessie mostly reside in the same mansion although the wine cellar door still does not have a lock on it and the basement itself has been turned into a cheery reckroom loaded with all sorts of recreational equipment from a ping pong table to a miniature bowling alley for Parker’s and Jessie’s six kids to enjoy. 


Parker and Jessie had three children of their own, triplets right off the bat (two girls and a boy) named Breeze, Forest, and Summer.  Shortly afterward they adopted three orphans from Ghana (which were one girl and two boys) and called them Symbol, Everett, and Pine.


When Parker is not on tour the family does all sorts of activities together and even started building a little farm with animals on the mansions grounds.  They live a delightful life and both Parker and Jessie believe to follow your heart for the pursuit of happiness.





Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv

CopyRight2/12 /2011@LisaLuvLLC








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