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One NIght Stand

Updated on June 29, 2013


Let’s make love tonight, baby

I’m in the mood

To get my groove

on with you.

Don’t you want me?

My eyes

Speak volumes.

Look into them.

Swim in them.

My succulent lips

Long to be caressed by yours,

Touch them.

Aren’t they soft?

It’s just you and I

Slow dancing across

The silk sheets.

And you taste me,

How does it taste?

Hold tight, baby.

I want you, need you


Bump, bump, bump!

Oh, so gentle


Your strong fingers

Stroking my hair


Positions I’ve never

Ever even experienced before.

Your full lips

Plant juicy kisses

All over my body

---harder, baby---

Damn, this

Feels oh so good.

---yes, yes, yes---


And an explosion

And my tears

and silence.

The moon cast shadows

Upon our trembling, entangled,

glistening bodies.

And sleep welcomes us

As we lie entwined in our passion

Until dawn.


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    • cohoyo1 profile image

      Candace Nadine Breen 3 years ago from Barrington, Rhode Island

      Aww, thank you so very much.

    • profile image

      Ziggy 3 years ago

      My hat is off to your astute command over this tobvi-praco!