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A Kiss - Poem

Updated on July 6, 2017

A Kiss

My lips to yours' wakes my soul,

My lips to yours’ tell a secret that only my heart knows.

Such grace as our eyes close

And share a breath...

Words lose meaning and mean even less.

Lost in rapture of a perfect dance,

when two lovers leap and take a chance.

A first kiss not outdone by the second-

a third kiss and surely the fourth one beckons!

No day shall ever find

a reason why,

no star could ever shine so divine...

A million poets could try-

but would fall every time,

When into rhyme they try to harness the

Passion of your lips pressed

against mine.

-© Robert Hutchinson

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    • profile image

      Buddy 2 years ago

      Great article Lisa. It binges to clear the confusion on which road to take in publishing. I encourage everyone interested in this to work with you one one one or in a class. Your gentle guiding hand will help them move forward with confidence!

    • profile image

      hajera 5 years ago


    • profile image

      sofia mostofa 5 years ago

      I want aBOYFRIEND.

    • R.S. Hutchinson profile image

      R.S. Hutchinson 5 years ago from USA

      Thanks :0)

    • profile image

      krish 5 years ago

      helped me a lot thnx

    • profile image

      Judy 6 years ago

      This is Wonderful! Amazing words and beautiful poem!

    • R.S. Hutchinson profile image

      R.S. Hutchinson 6 years ago from USA

      Thank you :)

    • blondey profile image

      Blondey Hubpages 6 years ago

      Nice read

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, great poem! and nice to meet you, hope you love it here like we all do! lol cheers nell