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Mislaid Art

Updated on August 28, 2015

Is chivalry dead?
Is it getting thinner as a thread?
Why does it fade away?
Drifting as time ages and won't stay?

I heard men mock and laugh about it
Watch a woman standing and won't her sit
Saying "In this era, equality is equity!"
But Sir, do you know the true meaning of equality?

Do you think chivalry is dead?
Or you exist to kill it with your disrespect?
Do you know the meaning of the word?
Or you let the crowd decide your own accord?

I'm a woman and I believe chivalry is not dead
What I see are people tearing its meaning to shreds
Hypocrite people are so afraid of doing what is respectful
Being cocky and proud, acting as if courtesy is dreadful

You create your own world that's home to your soul
Just make sure your world is not a hell in a bowl
Life full of pride and self righteousness is a dead life
The Devils territory is your mind, choose a pen instead of a knife

Chivalry never died and never will
Being a gentlemen is a matter of choice and own will
Will you choose to be a knight or a foul beast?
Will you choose a noble buffet or a wicked feast?

A lost art! Oh a lost treasure!
Why oh noble men have you forgotten its pleasure?
Things impossible to men are possible with God Sir!
He who kneels before the Lord can stand without fear!

Better is a poor men who walks in his integrity
Than a man who is crooked in his ways, ignorant with serenity
How I love to see a man smiling as he opens a door for me
As I pass by him, I silently pray for his prosperity

Men, let your light shine before other men with pride
Let them see your good looks and chivalrous side
God created men with dignity and character
Don't let the devil defile you and make you a monster



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    • IreneTabangay profile image

      IreneTabangay 2 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Thank you!

    • supremeupbeat k profile image

      Mahadeb Kar 2 years ago from Somewhere in India

      Good moral poem