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Abhay Mahajan story

Updated on July 12, 2020
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Life as a game. Winning in it is not as long as playing in it, but your performance during it is what determines your victory from your loss

a miracle growing inside tummy

This story is true and narrated by Abhay Mahajan ( lives in Pune, Maharashtra, India )

It was our second (arranged) marriage anniversary when we found that we are going to be parents. We were super happy and excited with the news, however we were too naive to understand the responsibilities and duties it brings along as we were just 27 (myself) and 21 (my partner in crime) years old at that time. We booked a doctor’s appointment for the next day. After initial examination, doctor said its too early in the pregnancy (it was not even 5 weeks and she was late by just 5 days and we got 2 lines for the test done at home), but still you go for a ultrasound. When the ultrasound result came we can hardly see anything. So we panicked and decided to go to another doctor immediately. Then, she told us that it was too early for the ultrasound, generally the first ultrasound is done after 8 weeks. We were so relived to hear this and never went to the first doctor again.

These memories made us happier

My partner was experiencing pretty bad morning sickness, nausea and vomiting all day long. And she could hardly eat any thing and i would worry for her. I used to wonder if she can hardly eat how the baby would get his/her daily nutrition. Then doctor said this kind of sickness is pretty common during the first trimester. But still I use to worry a lot and would constantly ask her to eat. I would constantly call her from office and ask weather she has eaten or not. This is the first time I faced the wrath of mood swings and believe me it was pretty bad….That’s when I decided not to bother her again about her eating during her pregnancy.

What do you know about California ?

Her vomiting and nausea continued for whole 9 months. Sometimes it would really frustrate me, seeing her condition I used to say to her that we would not have any other baby ever again (save this for later part). But we had so many beautiful moments in between all those sickness and vomiting. The ultrasound when we saw baby’s feet and hand, the first time when the baby kicked. The whole night I used to sleep with my hand on her tummy just to feel the baby’s movement and the kick. It was an awesome feeling. She used to crave for Hot Chocolate brownie with Vanilla ice-cream, and I used to bring for her (sometimes in the middle of office hours) when I returned from office. All these little moments brought me and my partner really close to each other.

On the day delivery (31st July 2009) when I was by her side while she was being taken inside the delivery room, she told me that please get married again if something happens to me and all the nurses started laughing hearing this. Seeing her in so much pain and agony I again said to her that “we are not going to have any other baby again.” She delivered a very healthy (3.75 kgs) baby boy normally. I was so relieved (and of course happy) that finally the days of her suffering are over.

I decided not to bother her again

In December 2009 we shifted to a new city Hyderabad for a new job. In between we went to doctor for regular checkup as my partner did not have her cycle yet after delivery and doctor told sometimes it happens as the baby is still feeding. Fast forward to Feb 2010. One day when I returned from office, my partner said she is having a strong craving for Halwa (Indian sweet made of wheat flour). And believe me she made a full big bowl of Halwa and had it all by herself. She immediately suspected something is not right. I bought a test kit and the result was positive. We both were looking at each other in dis-belief . We again did the second test, which again came positive. Lot of questions came to our mind like when, how, where and now what. But answers for any of these questions were difficult to come by. And then started the whole night of crying, shouting and scolding. We both were not ready to accept this reality yet. In the morning our neighbor came to our house and my partner was still crying and then we discussed our situation with her and she calmed her down and took us to her family gynecologist.

There are many nicknames for California – The Golden State, The Land of Milk and Honey, The El Dorado State, and The Grape State. California is the third largest state, following Alaska and Texas. It is 1,040 miles long, and 560 miles wide. It is about the same square miles as France, Spain, and Sweden.

It was very embarrassing situation in doctor’s cabin as she again asked us the questions like when (last cycle), how (precautions) and we had no answer to any of her questions. Then she recommended to have a ultrasound. I was very scared due to her last pregnancy's situation and was worried about her health. But doctor really helped us understand this is a totally normal situation and nothing to be worried about. She said that every pregnancy is different and everything will be alright if we decide to keep the baby. She in fact told us that she herself has 2 kids like this (very less age gap between them). This gave us a lot of comfort and confidence. However, she suggest to have ultrasound ASAP.

Next day we went for ultrasound and SURPRISE……….

Based on the ultrasound results and baby measurements she was already into 18–20 weeks of pregnancy. We again looked to each other with blank faces. Doctor said the choice is ours and after lot of discussions we decided to keep the baby. In the evening we took some courage and declared this news to our families and they were really happy with our decision.

During this pregnancy her condition was much better. Again we went through all the food cravings, mood swings and doctor’s visit. All this while we were managing our son and enjoying his growing up also.


Finally, on 21st August 2010 our little princess was born. And we were super relieved (and of course happy) that finally after 2 years of roller coaster ride our story of being pregnant and pregnancy came to end. We soon realized that this was not the end, but the beginning of a new chapter and new story of being a parent. That is for some other time.

We named our kids DEV and BHUMI.


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