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Absinthe Elucidation Pt. 1

Updated on September 20, 2013

Show Me

The beginning
A line
Worth drawing
A place in space
Worth visiting
A point in time
Worth Stopping

I can't find the floor below
Stop looking for your shadow
Or you'll forget
That there's room to grow

Skyler Decristoforo Photography
Skyler Decristoforo Photography

Florescent raindrops trickle down

Like green Absinthe tears

Jumping from the clouds

That overcast the skies

Were nestled up now

In an uncomfortably cozy nest

Compiled of wormwood and cigarettes

This City

Will never rest
But neither will the desert
Its almost as if 
Their meant for each other

I feel without the need
For a home
When i escape
When i can escape 
From these lights
In my truck i drive away
Into the darkness
Towards the mountains 

Rolling down the windows
A trail of smoke escapes
Vanishing into the darkness
Behind me

Listening to the bumps in the road
I turn off the headlights
With no fear of crashing
I scream out to the wilderness
With satisfaction in the lack of responce


Artwork by Skyler Decristoforo
Artwork by Skyler Decristoforo

Emotion Trigger

Blanket me
With your body
Suspend me 
In your ungraceful ways
Don't speak
Don't peak through your eyelids
Save me
Teach me of my insanity
Humble me 
As another servant
Break me
Or carry me on your shoulders
Before i float away
Don't define or overpraise me
Sailing toward the bittersweet
End of these days 
Breathe freely
Not in your name
But in your presence

Love hate always,

Skyler Decristoforo photography
Skyler Decristoforo photography

Cold Blooded

You make me dream
Of Immortality

I lick your lips 
For that taste
Of fertility

Stars decorate the skies
I feel at home
Lost in there patterns 
Understanding naively

In the gravel and dust
Only one chance for right now
Sharing the wind in our lungs
I can breathe so easily  

Feel me

She was a depressant
He was her stimulant
She was always struggling
To force him out of her mind

The outline of his face 
Is cast into a solid stone memory

Revolving sacrifice
Accepting yesterday
With no thoughts for tomorrow

Arrows pointing in all directions

Skyler Decristoforo Photography
Skyler Decristoforo Photography

Green Fairy

These nights and days
Run together
Why does time even exist?
The darkness in light 
that our minds wont filter 
What happens to our hearts
When we refuse to sleep
The unexplainable

Then walking 
Drawing a circle 
Noticing a connection
Silencing the ego
It seems that we've reached
The unattainable

Whisper your dreams to me
Whisper your screams to me

The lingering taste 
Of the eye of the mind
Dancing on my tongue
Fire melted ice
Death wont stop us
Unite me with the universe

Gazing deeply with lucid distain
Sweat drips from the sun
Mother and Father are one

© 2013 Skyler DeCristoforo


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    • SkySlave profile image

      Skyler DeCristoforo 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      We all have great insight. Sharing it with each other is how we grow! Thanks for enjoying it with me Kim.

    • ocfireflies profile image

      ocfireflies 4 years ago from North Carolina


      Per usual, your hubs are like neon lights blinking the way for insight and reflection. I like the stream of consciousness type of poetry you produce.

      Much Enjoyed,