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Abused Soul

Updated on October 29, 2009

Playing with your mind

Taking your emotions and

casting them aside

not just inflicting

black and blue

but scars that

never heal inside your soul

Taking away your freedom

demeaning yourself as a person

stripping away self-respect, dignity

The scars may heal

the soul never will

The mind can be rebuilt

never will it forget

You can turn your emotions off

so you don't have to feel

You can black out the ugliness

unlock the cage

What becomes of your existence

You are a shell of what you use to be

Empty soul damaged forgotten

Don't you count for something

Are you to go through life

always apologizing for your

short comings

Your abuse soul doesn't act

it reacts to the abuse

that has crumbled and

crippled your self

You only see darkness no matter

how bright the light shines

Darkness is a welcome retreat

you don't have to see a reflection of the

pain in your eyes

Eyes that are no longer alive

Eyes that no longer cry

Eyes that look straight through

your abused soul


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    • snookiecollins profile image

      snookiecollins 7 years ago from SmallTown, USA

      hello ek ellis...

      I tagged this hub as beautiful, because YOU are a strong beautiful SOUL even tho you may 'not' feel like you are... Trust me, from someone who has been there -- just being able to write those words and letting them out of your ravaged mind conveys your STRENGTH & your pure, soulful Beauty.

      I also tagged this hub as useful & awesome, simply because you 'ARE' awesome for putting these emotions into words so that others who are hurting & feel that no-one else understands can realize that there ARE others out there who are experiencing the same things AND making it thru, little by little, day by day, moment by moment...

      So Thank-you from one beautiful, STRONG Soul to another.

      Love & Blessings,


    • thanglynn07 profile image

      thanglynn07 8 years ago from Long Beach, CA

      This is a good poem. You really emphasized on how pain can be permanent. Even if rebuilt it is never forgotten. Eternally scarred...but scars can serve as a simple reminder of a past event and nothing more...let it not complicate our present and ultimately our future.