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Acceptance- A poem about the importance of being yourself

Updated on March 2, 2013

Title: Acceptance

I sift the ashes of a familiar time
Now I walk through life pretending I'm blind
It's when the people that mattered chose not to see
Saw me for something that wasn't me
I'm the dip in the scale
I'm the crack at the seam
I'm that imperfection that makes me: me

Cast apart misguided shame
I reached to receive more skidded knees
A lesson learned, a point prevailed
And another moment to take it in
That pride that never showed in your eyes
I take that with me; another feeling denied

Walking with night at my back
A change that slowly interacts
To be and do and act as I know
Cause only you can press and show
Cause self-acceptance is the key
In a world drenched with misery
Take what you are with pride
And have the power to change what you don't wish to be

© Sean Monaghan 12/26/2012


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