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Acceptance (Poems)

Updated on November 2, 2014

These days, it's not a simple matter to enjoy life. There are pressures from everywhere to change and follow what the community expects. If we change once, it will be expected that we change twice. And even if we change a hundred times, everyone would want us to change once more.

We all know that the peak of perfection is something no human can reach. But we keep comparing ourselves with others and trying to rise higher. A change is not necessarily a bad thing, but it will be a problem if we desire change while forgetting who we currently are.

I believe happiness is actually thankfulness to our current condition. We can only be happy if we enjoy something we have at present. If we long for something we may get in the future without caring about what we currently have, the moment we reach our target will be the moment it loses it's value, as we will expect something even higher. Humans can only live in the present time, so expecting happiness in the future while denying the present is a contradiction.

Accepting ourselves is not similar to giving up. We can struggle even more to gain more and continually change while still enjoying the gifts we already have. In this short writing, I present you three poems I have written about acceptance. They cover different issues, but all of them are related to how to accept our condition.

Of course, true acceptance is not a simple topic, so it can be broken down into several subtopics. The three poems are about acceptance of self and past, acceptance of pain, and acceptance of human limitation.

Denial is one of human's defense mechanism to strong mental insults. It was such a strong mechanism that sometimes, even accepting our reality and identity becomes a painful task. There are also times that we deny that we are in pain, and it does not help easing the condition. Also, we often deny what we can't do. It doesn't help our progress as much as we thought, because we can progress more if we know our faults.

The Real Me

I'm a transparent soul who belongs to no one
I own my reality, but deny my essence
I don't know what I am or what I should be
My memory is a movie, and I watch as it plays
So I seek my real self and truthful past
I search deep inside, in every corner of my mind
Probably hidden in lies or locked in fantasy
Probably it's someone I see in any of my dreams

I search for identity, my proof as an entity
I long for clarification, to differ experience and imagination

But eventually, I realize that none of them is lost

I am myself, not someone else
I do not need to seek for another meaning
My mistakes are real, like my blood, bones, and nerves
However shameful, those are my composition
Denial is weakness, and stronger I'm becoming

My growth is real, as I change and learn
But it never cancels any of my fault
My faults are mine, like my heart and my limbs

I accept my outreached hand, as it longs for acceptance
I'm proud of being myself, and no one else
I may make mistake, but I learn to right it
I'll never be perfect, but my struggle matters

As the search concludes, I smile and move on

Cruel Assistance

When life is hard and breathing is painful
You hide all your feelings and fabricate tolerance
Like nothing was wrong and no one was sinful
You lock them all for years in a vault of ignorance

I am the devil who digs your pain out
I am the monster who eats your suffering
I won't let a lie corrupt your smile
Face your trauma and stop running

I don't mind being the evil who gouge your old wounds
I bring your tears out until nothing remains
Of course it's painful, as I squeeze your soul
I'm nothing merciful, as I present you foul

I want to see your happiness, your true acceptance of life
I just want to see your pure and honest laugh
When I finish my job, and your life brightens
Remember me as evil, as I'm nothing good

Crossing Limit

How many people expect us to surpass our limits?

In any situation, we should think logically
Be it fire, accident, disease, or robbery
Without getting hindered, moving to the best directions
Following the pattern from long years of repeated actions

We must be calm, and be feelingless
To maximize usage of the network of nerves
We must be calculative and compassionless
To stop empathy from misguiding judgement

Like a calculator, the cold thinking steel
Consistent mind like flowing current devoid of life
Rhythmically moving like a cogwheel, doing what was told

Should we follow the pressuring expectation?
The expectation to surpass being human
To eliminate ourselves, our concept as a person


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