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Accumulation Association !

Updated on February 4, 2010


Accumulation Association

Starting with the snowball effect

so small one notes it is not a threat

Give this some time and you will see

the monster it will grow to be

Look deep into our DNA

what lies there will dictate and say

who you will become one faithful day

the earth has completely had its toll

of the accumulation we unfold

remains to be seen any resolve

subtracting waste, replacing smog

small children growing up these days

to mimic parents gone astray

hurting more, helping less

caring for themselves at best

each year, decade and score

applying and adding

then asking for more

Is there a way to turn back

the hands of the clock?

giving heed now of how to stop

for once we see the accumulation effect

associate it with our own selfish needs

the need to prosper, lust and greed

we'll see it's time for cleanup and reform

have not we already done enough harm?



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