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Acheived Everything Attained Nothing

Updated on February 21, 2018

There assembled the animals to hear the man of loud noise

" Oh my stupid animals, I pity you all

We came to the world , only after you all

We conquered the nature and controlling the future

Now the universe is ours and you are all our slaves

Brain is our strength , beasts have only mouths"

Laughed the man ,in between the long breaths.

As animals choice, little fox raised its voice

"Oh! My dear man of ego

You have achieved everything, but attained nothing

You invented the gun, all we lost our fun

You invented nuclear bombs, it increased only the tombs

You said you have conquered the nature

Tsunamis and tornados have no answer

On a minute of bounce, earth can make you dance

You might have conquered the universe, but lost the eternal peace

Wonderful weapon of science, taken away all your conscience

We are here as we came then

You are also here but with full of sin"

Fox uttered these words from fathom of its hearts

Man begin to think: Will it bring the Spring?


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    • NOIDIAN profile image

      NOIDIAN 10 years ago

      What a poetic expression of the world we live in ! It is thought provoking and nicely written. There is no use of our brains if we don't use it rationally.